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Gate Guarding

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Boring Life...

Today is Wednesday, June 1 7th. Wow this year is almost half over! It is really hard to believe that it has been six months since Mac retired!

Our life is just plain boring when we are not off somewhere in the RV. We are still trying to get things done to the house to get it ready to sell. The outside of the house is getting painted at least...slowly but surely.

We had big plans to get the shed cleaned out and stuff  hauled off on Tuesday.


That plan was put on hold after I went to the Podiatrist and he surgically removed my big toe nail once again! It had started hurting pretty bad in the last couple of weeks where the nail was growing out. It was to the point that I could only wear flipflops or sandals. I made the appointment so that we could schedule a time to have it done...but he said that he would not be back in town for 3 weeks and did not want to wait that long to remove it and let it get infected. So, off it came...uugghh!! It has bled more and has been more painful this time. Maybe that is due to all the medication he had to use to kill the roots. Hopefully it will not come back! I am really tired of the problems this has caused. I had back surgery about  15 years ago and have some nerve damage in my right leg and foot. That is why I have had so much trouble with the toe. So now this time I should not have to worry about it anymore..YEAH!

Ok, now to more pleasant things. We had planned to go to The Gypsy Journal Rally the last of September, but had forgotten that we already had NASCAR tickets for the Kansas City race and paid reservations for camping. Mac's sister and husband will be there also. Maybe we can make it to the Gypsy Journal Rally next fall. We will miss seeing our friends, Bob & Molly and Keith & Donna.

Molly has been talking to us about going to Mexico with them in February with "The Mexican Connection" but not sure if we will be able to go yet. Mac got a call the other day about doing some Inspection work, probably on a job in Wyoming & Montana, so we will just have to see how it works out.

We have had rain, rain, and more rain!! The humidity is horrible! Monday night the thunder and lightning was really bad and we ended up leaving chat and shutting down our laptops. There was very high winds and it split one of our trees in the front yard in half. So now we will have to cut the rest of it down.

I am making more lists, trying to figure out what we need to keep and what to get rid of...this is harder that you would think. I want to make the RV as homey as possible if I am going to be living in it, but trying not to put too much stuff in it...I will probably make my piles, and then sort it again many times to keep less and less. I also am sorting through all my craft things. I am trying to decide which ones I can keep and what to get rid of. I think my beading & jewelry stuff is a keeper, and also my vinyl letter cutter & vinyl . The rest I will sell or give to my grandkids. I need to buy a couple of tubs and put that stuff in them so that I can see how much space they will take up. I think I have enough room to keep them in the bottom of my closet in the bedroom.

Also, I am downsizing our DVD collection. Dee (one of my RV-Dreams friends) gave me a suggestion to put them into CD notebooks so that we can take them, but not use up too much space. I have purchased a case, so now I just need to start going through them to decide on the ones I can't live Then I want to sort them alphabetically so they will be easy to find when I am looking for one...

Well, hopefully I have not just rambled on and on too much today. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are still here and slowly working toward our goal to get in to the RV.

I don't have any photos to share with you this time so I will just leave you with a quote...

Journey saying


JB said...

Doesn't sound all that boring to me.

Randy and Terry said...

Oh, man! I am bummed that you guys won't be coming to the Gypsy Gathering (even if we WEREN'T mentioned in the blog!). :) Guess we'll have to try to see you on our way to Ft. Riley after the rally.

Take care of that toe!

Rick and Paulette said...

Interesting post, not boring at all. I enjoyed reading all of it - EXCEPT for the toe part!! lol