Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back Home to the Real World


Well today is Tuesday and we are definitely back in the real least the current real I had to be at work this morning by 8am and we had a very busy day. Tomorrow looks to be worse!..ugghh. Now I know why I enjoyed being away. No work, no pressure, and no schedules.

Mac got the yard mowed before the rain hit. It rained really hard this afternoon for quite a while.

I got home from work and Mac cooked some steaks on the grill and I made baked potatoes and salad.

Sat. is Mac's birthday...woohoo!!!

the Big 6 - 0 and I would like to do something special for him but don't know what yet...maybe just a party in the chat

Now I am just gonna sit back and watch some TV and maybe jump on chat for a while...

Have a great evening!


Joe and Sherri said...

I assume the picture is that of the class C you have been eyeing. Really looks good.

JB said...

Not sure if I will be around on Saturday so Happy Birthday Mac, I had no idea you were such an old fellow. LOL