Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Retirement....mmmm feels good!

We have been getting ready for our first trip as retirees, and it feels soooo good!

Thursday morning we went to see mom at the Re-Hab facility and attended her Care Plan Meeting to find out all the info on her care and progress. She has not done very well this time at rehab. She is having breathing problems and has a lot of swelling in both feet. We visited with her and gave her goodbye hugs and kisses and we were off back to the house to get the RV hooked up and on the road.

We finally left the house about 1:00pm for our first destination: Kingman, Kansas to spend some time with Teri, Lynnie, Kyle, Samantha, Ryan and Jaden. Kami won't be home as she lives in Hays. We will be sorry that we didn't get to see her!

100_1329 [800x600]

We made it to Kingman at about 4:50pm and went to the park to get the RV set up. Here is our site. Not anything grand and definitely not a destination place, but for the three nights that we will be here it is more than fine. we have full hookups with 50amp electric and are within walking distance of a grocery store, Alco, and several eateries.

100_1343 [800x600]

We finished setting up and then headed over to the School for Ryan's 8th grade football scrimmage and Kyle's High school scrimmage. Kyle is a Senior this year. They both did great in their scrimmages and after that was finished we went to Houdini's to get something to eat. Samantha works at Houdini's so we got to see her for a little while also.

After dinner we went back to the RV for a good nights sleep.

Friday Mac and I just took our time getting around as Teri had to work for a few hours. Lynnie was working all day and the kids were in school. We decided to take a drive around town and then we drove out to the State Park to see what was out there.

100_1337 [800x600]

100_1341 [800x600]

100_1340 [800x600]

Teri called and wanted to know if we could take lunch to Samantha so we headed to McDonald's to get her order. When we left there we drove by the kid's house here in Kingman. It is really nice. Here is a photo of their home:

100_1331 [800x600]

We spent the evening visiting and just relaxing.

Saturday morning was a slow morning for me. I am still not feeling up to par, and now I am dealing with Kansas allergies on top of that.

I figured that I needed to get the blog caught up since I told myself that I would post a blog about everyday that we are on this journey. We will be heading over to Teri's for the afternoon. Lynnie is going to cook "Yard Tacos" for supper. I will fill you in on what that all involves. I know they are cooked outside of a large farming disc over a burner. Can't wait to try that!

Well, we are off for our last day here in Kingman. I will fill you in on all the days fun in my post tomorrow!

Hugs to everyone!

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JB said...

Enjoy your retirement and that new found freedom. Safe Travels