Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Monday, August 31, 2009

travel Day to Plains, KS

We got up Sunday morning and started getting the RV ready for travel. We are heading to Plains, KS today to see Dana & Russell and the kids and grandkids.

Teri & Lynnie and the kids were coming out to say goodbye so we were trying to get everything ready to go.  When they got here, Ryan and Lynnie were helping Mac finish, when... UhOh the landing hydraulic jacks on the front of the RV quit working. So much for getting on the road early. Mac & Lynnie worked on them and found a couple of loose wired that they fixed and changed some breaker or little circuit box. YEAH! Now it is working!!  We got the Rv all hooked up and were on the road about 12:30.

Us in front of the RV

100_1360 [800x600]

Mac, Lynnie & Teri talking about the RV

100_1361 [800x600]

Teri & Lynnie

100_1362 [800x600]

So now we are off and we text Dana and let her know we are on the road. They text back and tell us that they will probably be at the hospital in Liberal as Ashley was having contractions. She is almost 5 weeks early. She's not due until October 4th.

We got to Plains and got the RV set up at a small Motel/RV Park. We took off over to Dana's house. She had called and told us that they were going to keep Ashley in the hospital and she was going to be kept on complete bed rest in the hospital until the baby is born. The doctor would like her not to deliver for at least another 5 days, but that may not happen.

We had dinner at Dana's and got to see Britny, Dakoda, Sami, Jaelynn, Crystal, & Brylee, our great granddaughter that was born last month. She is adorable!!

Grandma Dana, Brylee and Jaelynn.

100_1378 [800x600]

100_1380 [800x600]

Aunt Britny and Brylee

100_1377 [800x600]

Grandma Nette and Brylee

100_1386 [800x600]

100_1388 [800x600]

100_1383 [800x600]

Jaelynn is growing like a weed and starting to talk all the time. She is a character...

100_1374 [800x600]

100_1373 [800x600]

After dinner Mac & I and Dana & Russell took off and went to Liberal to see Ashley. She looked good but you could tell that she was nervous with all the problems that are going on. She had several contractions while we were there and we will see how the night goes and if the doctor will let her go ahead and try to deliver.

We left the hospital and dropped Dana & Russell off at their house and she will call us if they hear anything from the hospital before morning. Who knows, tomorrow when I post again, we may have another baby....and then again, not.

Hugs to everyone!


Joe and Sherri said...

OK your off and running!! Be careful and above all have fun!!

Chasingthe70s said...

We wish the new to be mom the best.

We also have a grand daughter named Jaelynn.

Enjoy your retirement...

Rick and Paulette said...

Great job on getting the landing gear fixed by yourself! I'm afraid I would have been on the phone for a mobile rv repairman!! Cute kids!!

Leno said...

Beautiful pictures. Good luck to the new mom to be..

squawmama said...

Hi there... I am new to your blog and will be adding you to my favorites... Sure sounds like you had a rocky start that ended up well... I hope everything is well with Ashley and all goes good. Come on over and visit me when you can.

Have Fun & Travel Safe