Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday in Plains & New Great Grandson

Sorry for not updating daily as I had planned. There has been a lot going on here for the last 3 days! Whew are we tired!!

We arrived in Plains on Sunday, set up the RV and headed to Liberal as Ashley was on bedrest in the hospital with contractions. She is 5 weeks early!

Monday was spent all day in Liberal at the hospital with Ashley. The doctor wanted her to hold off for at least 5 days but don't think it's gonna happen.

We left Liberal about 4:00pm and went back to the RV and Dana went to Dakoda's volleyball practice. We went over to Dana & Russell's house about 7:45 for dinner. They had cooked Salisbury Steak, mashed potatoes, and fresh corn for dinner. It was wonderful!

We got to visit with the other kids and took some photos.


100_1395 [800x600] 

Brylee & Grandma Nette

100_1394 [800x600]

Jaelynn & Cody

100_1400 [800x600]

Russell & Dana

100_1402 [800x600]

Grandpa and Brylee

100_1416 [800x600]

Jaelynn after putting on Crystal's mascara

100_1418 [800x600]


100_1423 [800x600]

Tuesday was spent pretty much the same as Monday. We went to Liberal and spent most of the day with Ashley hoping she would deliver before we left but knowing that she would be better off if she didn't.

We left Liberal about 5:30 headed to Southwestern Heights School to watch Britny and her team play in a Volleyball Duel with Liberal.

Britny's team won 3 out of the 5 sets! YEAH!

100_1428 [800x600]

100_1437 [800x600]

100_1439 [800x600]

We left the game and ran back to Liberal to check on Ashley. No change, so we all went to Pizza Hut for some dinner and then back home.

We were up Wednesday morning getting the RV ready for travel when Dana and Jaelynn showed up to tell us goodbye. While they were here, Ashley called and said that they were going to start Pit on her and she would be having the baby today! So we made a couple of phone calls and changed our reservation and an appointment that we had and were going to stay another day.

Caiden James made his appearance at 4:09pm weighing in at 6 lbs 2 oz and was 19" long! This is a baby that was supposed to be 4-1/2 weeks early!! No telling how big he might have been if he had waited to be

Ashley & Caiden

Ash and Caiden[800x600]


caiden close [800x600]


Caiden James[800x600]

Grandpa & Caiden

Gramps and Caiden [800x600]

Grandma Nette & Caiden

Grandma Nette and Caiden[800x600]

Brylee 21 days old, and Caiden 4 hours old

Brylee and Caiden [800x600]

Crystal & Brylee, Ashley & Caiden and Dakoda peeking in back

Ash Crystal Dakoda Brylee and caiden [800x600]

Britny made me a pillow for the truck, for me to use to sleep with or just to relax. I will try to take a photo of it tomorrow and post on next blog.

We will be leaving in the morning heading south to Dumas TX for truck and RV inspections and for Mac to get his Texas Drivers License. Then we will head on to Amarillo to see Chris & Dusty.

Mac's sister, Linda, our niece, Jan, and Jan's 2 boys will be in Amarillo over Labor Day weekend so we will get to spend some time with them also.

Stay tuned to see what will happen next on this first retirement journey!

Hugs to everyone!!


Joe and Sherri said...

Your little man is very hansom! You both look so happy holding him. Congrats on the new one. We will be following you closely on your first journey. Keep us updated on every move...HE HE

Rick and Paulette said...

Congratulations on the new 'little one' - actually 2 new 'little ones'!

squawmama said...

Wow Congratulations on your newest little one and on the other new baby... They are just so darn adorable makes you want to just squeeze them... Now onto your journeys beginning... The fun it getting ready to begin! Maybe we can meet on the road sometime.

Have Fun & Travel Safe

Tom and Marci said...

Congrats on the 2 new babies -- they are both adorable!!

Safe travels!


Leno said...

What a cutie.. How lucky for you to be there for the arrival. Congrats to all.
Safe travels.

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Wow an new grand son! We like the name, since our grandson is Caden James. He is now seven and a new cub scout. Time flies. Congratulations!

Rod & Loyce

Mark and Dortha said...

I am just catching up...Congratulations

Glad you got to be there when Caiden made his entrance into the world.

Hugs to you both.