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Gate Guarding

Friday, September 4, 2009

Travel Day to Amarillo

Thursday morning we were up early to get the RV ready for travel again. Today all went as planned and we were on the road to Amarillo about 10:45am.

We made it to Dumas about 2:00 to have the RV and Truck inspected so we could get our stickers. That went just fine. Next stop, the Driver's License office for Mac to get his Texas License. Uh Oh...Mac had everything he needed to get his license until they looked at his Social Security card. One of the numbers had worn off. That will not work she told him...but we can go to the SS office in Amarillo and get a print out of his number and he can then get his license. That is his plan for Friday.

We got to RV Oasis Resort about 4:00pm, checked in and started to get set up. Chris called and said that they would be over when she got off of work.

They arrived about 5:30 and we showed them around the RV. They had not seen it yet. They liked it very much!

We visited for awhile and then decided it was time for Dinner so we all agreed on Ruby Tequila's for  Mexican food. I could eat Mexican food everyday!

Here are a few photos of our dinner:

100_1497 [800x600] 

Chandelier in entryway

100_1495 [800x600]

Waiter making our Guacamole at the table. We got to choose what ingredients we wanted in them.

100_1486 [800x600]

Dusty & Christie with their Combo Fajita's for 2

100_1488 [800x600]

100_1493 [800x600]

My Combo Fajitas

100_1489 [800x600]

Mac's Combo Inferno Fajitas

100_1490 [800x600]

Now this is a rig! He is ready for anything!!  LOL He has a 1 ton truck pulling a flatbed trailer. One the trailer is a Pickup Camper, 2 Sea-Doo's and a Quad runner. Hooked up to the Flatbed trailer is a Ski or Fishing Boat.

100_1499 [800x600]

I had to think of JB when I saw this because of the email he sent to me about the email I had sent him...JB we looked for you to say "hi" but couldn't find you in the store...LOL

100_1503 [800x600]

After dinner we returned to the RV and visited for a little while and Chris and Dusty left as they have to work on Friday.

Mac's sister, niece, and her two sons will be her Friday evening for the weekend.

Chris & I will do a little shopping on Friday when she gets off work. I need a couple of things to hang on the walls in the RV and I need to look for a good pair of shoes to walk in.

Stay tuned for our visit in Amarillo!

Hugs to everyone!

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squawmama said...

Well I must say you’re my kind of friends... First of all I LOVE Mexican food (favorite)... And you have a great sense of humor... Loved the guy with all his toys behind him but I would be afraid to follow him on the road.LOL LOL and last but not least you do a great job of posting... Great pictures and a good story!

Have Fun & Travel Safe