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Gate Guarding

Monday, September 7, 2009

Shopping, Visiting, BBQ & NASCAR

I have been really lax in keeping up this blog while on this first retirement journey. Sorry, we  have just been so

Friday morning we got up and just took our time getting around since the kids were working and Mac's sister and family wouldn't be here until Friday evening.

Chris called and said that she was leaving work at noon and did I want to go shopping...Me, Well things didn't turn out quite as planned. She didn't get off until about 2:00 and got over here about 2:30. We were off and running. We had to make a stop at Hobby Lobby for some craft supplies and then stopped at Kirkland's looking for some things for Chris & Dusty's spare bedroom. I also found a couple of small things for the RV. After Kirkland's, we had to go back to Hobby We forgot a couple of things.

Dusty & Mac went and got their RV and brought it out to the RV Oasis Resort for the weekend so we would all be together. That will be great!

We got back to the RV about 7:00 and Mac's sister and family were just pulling in. Mac & Dusty helped Linda get their 5th wheel set up.

We spent some time visiting and decided we needed to go and get some dinner. We decided on Cheddar's and off we went. We checked in and were told it would be about a 10 minute wait so no big deal. They never called to seat us and we questioned them about it. They had seated several people in front of us. Of course there were 8 of us so we were after 45 minutes of waiting we were getting a little upset since they had just seated a party of 7 and we were still waiting. We questioned the lady again and the manager came up. He apologized and offered us free appetizers and that we would be seated in just a few minutes. OK, after another 20 minutes, I was getting very upset and I asked the manager if we were ever going to be seated as we had two small boys that really needed to be fed. We were all upset by this time and had decided to just leave and go somewhere else. The manager apologized again and I asked if they were ready to seat us or we were going to leave. Jan, our niece was getting upset because her sons needed to be fed and they just kept seating other people. To make a long story short, the manager finally seated us in an area that was closed and kept one of his best waitresses overtime to serve us...and gave all of us our meals FREE...not bad for waiting 1-1/2 hours to be seated and then having to order and wait for our food. The food was great and the waitress was excellent! We gave her a tip in the amount of what our meal would have cost us!

100_1505 [800x600]

100_1506 [800x600]

100_1508 [800x600]

100_1509 [800x600]

100_1510 [800x600]

Our waitress, Heather...

100_1507 [800x600]

Ok, now on to Saturday...more shopping for me and Chris! Off to Barnes & Noble for a few books, then to Target for some office stuff. We went to a store called Accents that had some really unique items. We also had to make another trip to Hobby Lobby for some other things we

A stop at the grocery store and back to the RV to cook some steaks, chicken breasts, potatoes, and salad for dinner. It was great and the company was awesome!. We took several photos of us just goofing around.

100_1519 [800x600]

100_1520 [800x600]

100_1527 [800x600]

Dusty taking a photo of me taking a photo of

100_1528 [800x600] 100_1550 [800x600]

Dusty got on top of their RV and I had to take a couple of shots of him catching the moon and one of him holding it up...It was fun having him pose for me to take these photos! That is the full moon in his hands

100_1523 [800x600]

100_1539 [800x600]

100_1540 [800x600]

100_1546 [800x600]

Sunday morning, we were up and on the go again. Chris needed to go to Walmart and I needed a couple of things. We also needed to stop at United Grocery Store for some fixings for the BBQ at the NASCAR party to be held in their garage Saturday evening. There was way too much food and the company was really fun! Too bad Stewart didn't win.  :-(

100_1551 [800x600]


100_1552 [800x600]

Linda and Christie

100_1554 [800x600]

Linda and Jan

100_1556 [800x600]

100_1558 [800x600]

100_1559 [800x600]


100_1560 [800x600]

We got back to the RV about 11:30pm and I uploaded the photos from my camera and here I am writing this blog...

Tomorrow Linda, Jan and the boys are headed back home and Mac and Dusty are gonna play golf. And, you guessed it, Chris & I are going shopping. LOL. I need to find me a good pair of athletic shoes to walk in.

Stay tuned for what happens in the next few days here in Amarillo!!

Hugs to everyone!


All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

I know what you mean in trying to keep up the blog during retirement. I keep telling Gina that I don't know how I had time to work. LOL Anyway have fun and enjoy

Rollie & Gina

JB said...

mmmm, BBQ and I bet jalapeno poppers were on the menu somewhere, got my mouth drooling just thinking about them. Travel Safe.

macattack said...

You were right on JB. Jalapeno poppers were on the menu and didn't last long, and I totally agree Rollie, I couldn't go back to work either because all of my time is used up for all of these retirement necessities.


Mark and Dortha said...

Keep up those blogs so we will know where you are and what you are doing. LOL

Enjoy the fun.

Joe and Sherri said...

We miss you guys and we too have been so busy that we have failed to post on time and read all the journals...I guess that is part of being on the road.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Great story of the restaurant.. and LOVED the idea that you gave the waitress a tip that equaled the value of your meals. The manager understands the importance of pleasing the customer now, and the waitress knows the good of going the extra mile by working overtime!