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Gate Guarding

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happiness & Sorrows

***********In Memory of my Mother**********
As you all know we started off our first retirement trip to visit with our kids. We started at Kingman with Teri and her family and spent time at the boys' football scrimmages. Dinner with the kids and lots of visiting.

Next we were off to Plains, Ks to see Dana and her family. We got to see Britny's first volleyball duel of the season and they won! Yeah! Also while we were there Ashley had our first great-grandson, Caeden James. We had lots of fun with the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids.

From there we headed on to Amarillo, Tx to see Christie and Dusty. Mac's sister, Linda, and her daughter and grandsons were there for Labor Day weekend also. We had a great time.

Chris and I spent many hours visiting and shopping. Man she wore me out.

Everything about our first trip was going great until we received a call from our daughter, Jenni letting us know that they had rushed my mom to the hospital by ambulance. they were going to be transporting her to Olathe Medical Center and it didn't sound good. I waited until her doctor called me with an update after he saw her in Olathe and he told me that I should probably come home. I immediately got online and booked a flight to Kansas City from Amarillo with a connection at Denver. It was supposed to be a 3 hour flight that ended up taking me from 4:45 until 10:30pm when I landed in Kansas City. Two very good friends, LeAnn & Becca were at the airport waiting for me to take me to the hospital. Thank goodness for friends! They took me to the hospital and walked with me up to mom's room to make sure I made it alright. My sister was there with mom, so LeAnn and Becca took off.

Mac was to leave Friday morning from Amarillo pulling the fifth wheel home. He got stranded at the first toll-booth as you enter Kansas from Oklahoma and had to be towed in to a Ford dealership in Wichita and leave the 5th wheel and rent a car. He got to the hospital Friday night(Sat. morning) about 12:30am.

Without going into all the details, as most of our friends and family know, mom passed away about 6:30am on Sunday, September 13th.

My sister, Lyvonne, her daughter, Kendra, my daughter, Jenni, and I left Garnett on Tuesday and headed to Ulysses to plan a graveside service for mom. Chris & Dusty were there waiting for us.

It has been a long and stressful week since then. We had a graveside service in western Kansas on Thursday, 17th. I ended up with a Kidney Stone on Wednesday night and Mac rushed me to the ER to be given a shot of Morphine and some pain pills. Unfortunately, I was in so much pain and out of it from the pain medication that I missed the graveside service.

We would like to thank everyone that made the service and our stay in Ulysses a little bit easier for us. Mac's sister, Linda offered us the use of her home and furnished us with food on Wednesday.

We had planned a memorial service in Garnett on Saturday the 19th so that my brother and some of our other relatives could be there. The service was really nice and we got to see some of our relatives and my brother was able to attend this service. Friends supplied a lunch after the service and we are very thankful for that.

After the service Saturday and Sunday morning, my sister, Lyvonne and I spent time going through some of mom's things that needed taken care of before she had to go home.

So far this week has been spent clearing out mom's apartment. I am exhausted but it has to be finished by the 27th. As of today we are almost finished except for the large items that will go into storage for now.

Now on to brighter things. We will be meeting Gypsy, a RV-Dreamer friend, for dinner in Chanute on Thursday, and Paul & Mary, more Dreamer friends for lunch in Olathe on Monday. Can't wait to meet them in person and spend some time visiting.

This Friday we will head to Kingman for Kyle's Homecoming game. He is one of the Homecoming King candidates.

October 1st we are off to Kansas City for the NASCAR race weekend and will stay over until the 7th since Mac has his appointment on the 6th with the Vocal Chord Specialist.

October 9th we will be heading back to Plains, Ks for Britny's homecoming as she is a candidate for Homecoming Queen.

On the 13th we head to Branson for a Heartland Owner's Club rally and just to relax. We will leave there and stop at some family that lives near Springfield for a day or two.

Then we will be back home to work on the house...Whew, I'm tired already!

Hugs to all!!


JB said...

Lynette know that my thoughts and prayers are with your family in this time of sorrow. Travel safe.

Chuck & Kathy said...

Lynette, we are so sorry to hear the sad news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Hugs, Kathy

Joe and Sherri said...

Sherri and I have been worried about you both and know that all this will pass and we will be together again to visit and have fun. Stay the course and take care...see you both soon.

Jenny Johnson said...

Darn, and now you are home and I fly to Denver and straight to Nashville this time (on the 6th) so I will miss you again--What a bummer. I havent met Gypsy but Paul and Mary are really a hoot!! You guys will love them.

My sincere sympathy in the death of your mother.

Jenny J

Mark and Dortha said...

We have had you two in our thoughts and prayers not only for in the loss of your mom, but for your health as well.

Take care and hugs to you both.

Ellie and Jim said...

Lynette...You both are in our prayers and we wish you health and safe travels...We look forward to seeing you guys down the road...Hugs...Jim & Ellie

Jim and Dee said...

It's good to see you're on the mend. Thank you for posting here and on Facebook to let your RV friends know you're doing ok. We are sending prayers for the family and you two. Have a great time in meeting up with chatters.

Arlene said...

Lynette you know you are in our thoughts as you struggle through these tough days.
Boy, I sure am exhausted reading of your travel plans..
Be sure to get that house finished so you can make it fulltime.. and hopefully meet up sometime soon.
Hugs to you both.