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Gate Guarding

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Last Week in Rockport

I know…I have been very lax in getting my blog posted. There has just been so much going on that I really haven’t had time to just sit down and write about it.

So here is a short re-cap of our last week or so in Rockport…

Friday, March 26th we had planned a trip to Corpus Christi to the Market. We were expecting something like where we went in the Valley…Boy were we mistaken! This place was large, but almost all the booths were still closed at 11:30am and the ones that were open didn’t have anything that we were looking for…except if you are looking for prom type dresses, caskets, or headstones. We did find a booth that was selling magnetic jewelry and a few of us bought something there.

100_2450 [800x600]

We left the Market and headed to Rudy’s for some lunch..I know you are surprised that we were going to eat somewhere…lol

100_2452 [800x600]

Saturday, March 27th we went for a drive in Rockport in search of the Whoopers again. We did see them but they were still pretty far away so the photos are not that great.

DSC_0004 [800x600]

DSC_0061 [800x600]

Sunday, March 28th our great friends Bob & Molly Pinner were planning a Seafood Boil. Now any of you who know me knows that I am not a big fan of seafood, but I will tell you this…it was Amazing!!! We all pitched in and helped clean corn, carrots, and potatoes while Bob was manning the big pot. Keith & Donna donated the shrimp for the boil and Bob & Molly donated the chicken, and crab legs.  Here are a few photos…yummy

100_2456 [800x600]

100_2457 [800x600]

100_2463 [800x600]

100_2468 [800x600]

100_2469 [800x600]

100_2470 [800x600]

Monday, March 29th, we all met at Alice Faye’s on the Bay for Breakfast…Yes I did get up early to attend…the food was good but the company was wonderful!

After breakfast we headed back to the RV park while some of the girls went to the Flip Flop store. Later, a few of us headed to look at the Flip Flops and then stopped at the Bead Store…”Jack and the Beadstock”…It is a great little store. We bought some beads and a few Sarongs for the beach.

After getting back to the RV, we all set around our RV and visited…another a great day with friends.

100_2475 [800x600]

DSC_0104 [800x600]

Tuesday, March 30th we  were off to Port Aransas to the beach for one last walk in the sand…we found Seashells and some found some Sand Dollars. After the beach we all met at Fins Icehouse for lunch…more

DSC_0116 [800x600]

DSC_0127 [800x600]

100_2481 [800x600]

100_2482 [800x600]

100_2483 [800x600]

100_2484 [800x600]

100_2486 [800x600]

100_2487 [800x600]

Never did get Mark & Dortha to sit together for a


After lunch, Mac & I, and Mark & Dortha were off in search of some Flip Flops…

100_2496 [800x600]

Wednesday, March 31st…our last day in Rockport for this year…”sigh”….We started off our day with breakfast at JJ’s. There was lots of conversation and the food was really good.

DSC_0155 [800x600]

DSC_0156 [800x600]

We had a plan for later in the day to have dinner at The Crab N as it would be Donna’s birthday on Thursday and we would all be gone. We met at the Crab N at 5:30 and had a nice dinner with all of our friends. It was fun but a little sad since the next day some of us would all be heading in different directions and not see each other again for awhile.

 DSC_0161 [800x600]

DSC_0162 [800x600]

 After dinner we headed back to the RV park and went to the Clubhouse to surprise Donna with Cake and Ice Cream. We sure did surprise her.

 DSC_0179 [800x600]

DSC_0181 [800x600]

DSC_0186 [800x600]

We said goodbye our goodbyes to the ones that would be gone really early on Thursday and headed back to our RV to finish getting it ready to travel.

On Thursday, April 1st we caravanned with Bob & Molly, Howie & Norah to Boerne(pronounced Burn-E) where we will stay until the 16th and then head back home.This was our view out of our windshield most of the trip…

DSC_0007 [800x600]

DSC_0022 [800x600]

DSC_0017 [800x600]

DSC_0027 [800x600]

DSC_0030 [800x600]

DSC_0056 [800x600]

DSC_0068 [800x600]

DSC_0069 [800x600]

Bill & Helen arrived about the same time as the rest of us and Donnie & Karen arrived not long after us. It was a great day to travel. The weather was nice and the wildflowers were amazing! I took some photos but it really does not do it justice…

Mac & I, Bob & Molly, and Donnie & Karen all went out to The Hungry Horse for Dinner. The food was very good!

DSC_0075 [800x600]

Friday, April 2nd we went to Ancira’s and looked at some Motor Homes and then headed in to San Antonio to Costco for a few supplies and then went to Matamoras Guadalajara Cantina for lunch. It was good.

Saturday April 3rd the guys headed back to San Antonio for some man time…lol. When they returned Mac & I went to Wal-Mart for the things that I needed to make my part of the Easter Dinner we are having in the Clubhouse. I am taking a Broccoli & Cauliflower Salad, Hot Rolls, and a Dark Chocolate Raspberry Gooey Butter Cake with fresh Raspberries.

Sunday April 4th…Easter Sunday… we were up and  getting things ready for the dinner. We had planned to have it at 3pm so we had time to just take our time making the cake and the hot rolls.

We all arrived at the Clubhouse and brought our contributions for the dinner…wow there is lots of food! Molly decorated a large table so we could all sit together, and she made large Coconut Chocolate Eggs for each couple.We had Baked Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Wild Rice, Grilled Asparagus, Sweet Potato Soufflé, Spoon Bread, Chicken Cordon blu, Broccoli Cauliflower Salad, Green Bean Casserole, Fresh Baked Hot Rolls, Cherry Salad, Coconut Custard Cake, and the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Butter Cake…if I missed anything, I’m sorry…

DSC_0083 [800x600]

DSC_0077 [800x600]

DSC_0089 [800x600]

DSC_0092 [800x600]

DSC_0099 [800x600]

DSC_0101 [800x600]

Bob without Molly…

DSC_0104 [800x600]

Bill & Helen

DSC_0110 [800x600]

Ron & Linda

DSC_0105 [800x600]

Steve & Lynnette

DSC_0111 [800x600]

George & Barb

DSC_0106 [800x600]

 Mac didn’t get a photo of Bob & Molly together and Howie & Norah had prior plans for dinner.

The food was amazing, but the time spent with these friends was incredible!

DSC_0117 [800x600]

After dinner some of the guys played some music and we listened for quite a while. After they stopped playing, Mac & I, Bob & Molly, and Howie & Norah played a couple of games of Hand & Foot. The guys won the first game but we redeemed ourselves and the girls won the second game.

Well that catches you up to today…We hope everyone had a great Easter.

Hugs to everyone!!


Joe and Sherri said...

What a wonderful time you have had in the south. Maybe we will see you next year?

Bob and Molly said...

Great job, Lynette!! I especially love those photos of your windshield view!
What fun we have had...thanks for sharing your days with us! HUGS!
P.S. I think I will just copy and paste you link into my time to write...too busy eating!! :)

squawmama said...

You guys really are enjoying friends & FOOD!!! What I love to do too and hope that one of these times maybe next winter we can meet all of you! Have fun (I know you will) and travel safe!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh what fun with all the friends food shopping and visiting. You guys sure know how to have FUN!

Karen and Steve

Mark and Dortha said...

It was a great time in Rockport. Still laughing about our time together.

Have a great time in the Hill Country.

Hugs to all.