Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Time Since Returning to Rockport….

The last week has passed quickly. I flew back to Rockport, TX on March 16th and Mac picked me up at the airport. I think he kind of missed me…lol

Wednesday the Rockport gang had a free BBQ lunch at the Clubhouse sponsored by the park. We had made plans to get together later in the day for food and fun! We all brought something green to eat and played games.

DSC_0009 [800x600]

DSC_0010 [800x600]

DSC_0012 [800x600]

Group St Paddys Day [800x600]

Thursday part of the group went to tour the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi and part of them went to the Aransas Pass Wildlife Refuge. I wasn’t feeling very good so Mac and I didn’t go to either. Later in the day we took a drive down by the bay to see if we could see the Whooping Cranes. No luck, but we had a nice drive.

Friday the ones that didn’t go to the Wildlife Refuge the day before all carpooled and headed out for our day at the Refuge.

We stopped at the Visitors Center first to see all the displays…then we were off.

DSC_0057 [800x600]

DSC_0076 [800x600]

We spotted several Alligators…

DSC_0063 [800x600]

DSC_0084 [800x600]

DSC_0106 [800x600]

lots of birds and some bird watchers…

DSC_0124 [800x600]

DSC_0119 [800x600]

DSC_0125 [800x600]

more Alligators…

DSC_0105 [800x600]

a Wild Hog…

DSC_0134 [800x600]

and an Armadillo…

DSC_0147 [800x600]

A great day with friends….

DSC_0110 [800x600]

We met up with the rest of the gang at the visitor’s center and finished off the day with a stop at Ken’s Diner for an early dinner.

100_2421 [800x600]

Saturday, we went to the Clubhouse and played cards. Then headed back to the RV for an early night.

Sunday we all met for dinner at Pepito’s Mexican Restaurant.

100_2428 [800x600]

100_2429 [800x600]

After dinner we were supposed to go to the Clubhouse for cards but I wasn’t feeling good(can’t decide if this crap is a bug or an ulcer) so I didn’t go up.

Monday we met for breakfast at Alice Faye’s on the Bay. The food was very good, but the company and conversation was much better!

100_2435 [800x600]

100_2434 [800x600]

Went back to the park and set outside in front of Bob & Molly’s Motorhome visiting for a long time when someone mentioned going for Pizza…so we met some of the group at Panjo’s for Pizza.

100_2437 [800x600]

100_2438 [800x600]

We rode with Bob & Molly. After the pizza we took a ride to see if we could spot the Whoopers and got a couple of photos. Mark let me use his 300mm lens and I got a good shot. After we left there we started back to the RV and I spotted some Roseate Spoonbills. We just had to stop for a photo op!! We got a couple of shots and they flew to the other side so we headed in that direction to see if we could get some better photos. Molly decided she was going to walk down closer and got stuck in the mud….oh my it was messy and the mud was really stinky..I was holding 2 cameras and never even took a photo of her…lol



DSC_0165 [800x600]

DSC_0269 [800x600]

and I cropped and edited this one so you can see it better…


Tuesday we went to Port Aransas to the beach. It was supposed to be a nice day but when we got there it was cloudy and windy. We stayed a couple of hours and just walked on the beach.

DSC_0018 [800x600]

DSC_0097 [800x600]

DSC_0027 [800x600]

Jellyfish on the beach…

DSC_0071 [800x600]

a Stingray…

DSC_0037 [800x600]

DSC_0060 [800x600]

We left there and went to lunch with Kevin & Arlene and Nolan & Donna at Port A Brewing Company. We went down and were loaded on the ferry and while waiting we saw this big boat go by.

DSC_0111 [800x600]

DSC_0120 [800x600]

We needed to get back to the RV Park for a Salad Supper and games. I still wasn’t feeling well, so I sent our addition to the dinner with Mac and I stayed at the RV.

Wednesday was a lazy day around the park, I guess. Everyone seemed to have their own things going on today…Mac and I took another ride to see if we could see the Whooping Cranes again. We spotted them a I took a few more photos…

DSC_0018 [800x600]

DSC_0020 [800x600]

We also got a few photos of some old airplanes at the airport. Here’s what I got but we are going to try to get a better look at them later and some more photos.

DSC_0095 [800x600]

DSC_0094 [800x600]

DSC_0096 [800x600]

I’m still not feeling very good and not really sure what the problem is. I won’t go into details but can’t decide if it is a virus or maybe an ulcer? Anyhow it has been pretty miserable for me for the last few days. I feel a little better today so I’m hoping that all will be better soon.

Thursday we are on for lunch at The Butter Churn. We’ve not been there but the others in the group have and say it is really good.

Hugs to everyone!


All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Sorry to hear that you not feeling well. We'll be praying for you and hope you are feeling better soon..Lots of hugs, Gina & Rollie

squawmama said...

Really sorry your not doing so well... BUT all in all your still having a fairly great time. Wonderful pictures... I wonder if like the Flamingo those birds are pink from eating shrimp??? Have fun & get better!
Travel Safe...

Bob and Molly said...

We're so glad you back Nette...and sure hope you're feeling much better soon! Nice post!!!