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Gate Guarding

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spending Time In Garnett

As most of you all know, I flew home from Rockport, TX last Sunday the 7th of March. I had talked to my brother’s doctor and he told me that he was going to release Jerry from the hospital and I should get Hospice care set up for him.

So off I went. LeAnn, Becca, and Maci picked me up at the airport..It was really good to see them again! I hadn’t seen them since December. We stopped on the way at Chili’s for dinner and a lot of wonderful conversation.

Monday I was on the phone with the Assisted Living Facility about the Hospice Care and Jenni & I went to the hospital to visit Jerry. He looks very good, just really tired.

Tuesday I took all of our Tax stuff to our Tax Preparer. Oh I am not looking forward to the outcome of this years taxes…

I also had a meeting with the Hospice caregivers, VITAS. They are great…the are the only ones in this area that do 24 hour Critical care…7 days a week if needed. I got all of that set up so it will be available whenever Jerry gets to the point that he needs it.

Wednesday, Jenni and I went to see Jerry again..he looks much better today.

Thursday was much the same as Wednesday.

Friday, we went to visit with Jerry and did a little shopping I needed at WalMart.

Saturday, Jenni, Gloria, and I went to Emporia to watch Natalie play her last game of  basketball for the season. She is playing on a Church league. They won! I don’t have any photos because I left all my cameras in Rockport…Natalie came back to Garnett with us for her spring break.

Jenni, Natalie, and Gloria spent the night with me on Saturday…we had so much fun! We laughed until we cried…

Sunday we took pizza over to Jerry’s for a pizza party. Jenni, Natalie, and Gloria went with me. We had a good time with Jerry and he really liked the pizza. He is looking so much better!

Today we will be going to see Jerry again and tell him goodbye since I will be flying back to Rockport Tuesday morning at 10am…

It has been nice to be back here to see Jerry and the kids and grandkids, but I can’t wait to get back to Rockport and see Mac!!! I have really missed him.

Well that is my week in a nutshell….hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Hugs to all!!



KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Wow.. you got a lot accomplished in one week home. Hope all goes well with getting your brother settled in his new place and you can get back to Mac and Rockport.

Karen and Steve

Joe and Sherri said...

Glad to see you made it OK. Keep having fun and keep us up to date on all the goings on. We miss seeing you two and hope we can hitch back up later.

squawmama said...

Glad all worked out good and your brother is doing ok... I bet you are anxious to get back to Rockport and Mac for sure...Have a super day and TRAVEL safe!

Debbie Goode said...

So glad that things went well for you. Safe travels.