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Gate Guarding

Monday, March 8, 2010

Traveling to Rockport

Monday morning we were up bright and early for our travel day to Rockport, TX. We had a few issues and didn’t leave the Park until about 10:30am.

We had a pretty easy drive, only about 3 hours, or so we thought…We left Mission behind and headed east. We saw a lot of RV’s headed out of the Valley…wonder where they were all headed.

DSC_0005 [800x600]

We had to stop at a Border Checkpoint…

DSC_0011 [800x600]

We passed by a Dirt Storm…wow we haven’t seen one of those since we lived in Western Kansas…

DSC_0021 [800x600]

and then a stop for fuel..and we were off again!! Next stop Rockport! Well, Miss Guide had other things in store for us on this nice sunny day…We sailed right through Corpus Christi and saw …

DSC_0015 [800x600]

DSC_0034 [800x600]

DSC_0036 [800x600]

DSC_0039 [800x600]

DSC_0053 [800x600]

and then we crossed over the Causeway Bridge. Miss Guide proceeded to tell us to continue on Highway 35 until Farm Road 1069, so of course we followed her lead..that is where the trouble started. We were officially lost!..hmmm

DSC_0086 [800x600]

Well we finally made it to The Last Resort in Rockport, TX about 4pm and were welcomed by all our other friends .

DSC_0096 [800x600]

Mark & Dortha had to fly back to Fort Worth for a funeral so they were already gone by the time we got there.

DSC_0105 [800x600]

DSC_0107 [800x600]

Mac & I, Rod & Deb, and Kevin & Arlene went to The Big Fisherman for dinner so we didn’t have to cook.

Tuesday morning Mac & I went sight seeing. We drove down by the water and checked out the local Chamber of Commerce for some Visitor information…

DSC_0117 [800x600]

DSC_0118 [800x600]

DSC_0138 [800x600]

DSC_0192 [800x600]

DSC_0193 [800x600]

Wednesday, we rode with Kevin & Arlene to Corpus Christi to the Military Base and to the Commissary & Exchange for some shopping. On the way back I took some photos of the USS Lexington..we are going to tour that if I get back there…

DSC_0067 [800x600]

DSC_0291 [800x600]

Later that evening we made some campfires and roasted Hot Dogs and Sausages, and then S’Mores for dessert….yummy

100_2401 [800x600]

100_2404 [800x600]

100_2405 [800x600]

DSC_0322 [800x600]

DSC_0324 [800x600]

DSC_0332 [800x600]

DSC_0342 [800x600]

We were told that Dortha had fallen down some stairs and broken her Collarbone and had been to the ER and was going to visit her Orthopedic doctor to see if she would be able to come back to Rockport.

Thursday, we met a group of friends at China A for lunch…the food was great and the conversation was better! After lunch we rode around a little while and visited the Chamber of Commerce again so that Rod & Deb could pick up some information. We headed back and we just hung out at the RV..I was not feeling very well..cough, congestion, headache…uggh. Mark & Dortha made it back!

DSC_0002 [800x600]

DSC_0004 [800x600]

Friday, we met the gang at The Big Fisherman for lunch. I still was not feeling very good so we headed back home. Mac and I went to check out this building down by the water, and ended up seeing the Pelican’s feeding. We also saw 2 very large fins skimming the water. Looked like sharks, but might have been something else. All we know is that it attacked on of the Pelicans and when it came out of the water it looked to be about 10-15’ long. Of course the camera was at the RV. We ran back to get it but they were all gone when we got back…

DSC_0009 [800x600]

DSC_0011 [800x600]

DSC_0020 [800x600]

Saturday, Mac & I, Kevin & Arlene, and Donna all headed out for a little more sightseeing in the morning…We found the Big Tree…a Live Oak that has been alive for thousands of years.

DSC_0039 [800x600]

DSC_0042 [800x600]

DSC_0043 [800x600]

DSC_0049 [800x600]

We were told that there were some Whooping Cranes in the area so we were off in search of them…we found 2 in a field. The photos are far away, but if you click on them you will get a better and larger image…

DSC_0069 [800x600]

DSC_0108 [800x600]

We drove around a little longer and we headed back to the Park to see if Charlie & Peggy had made it in yet. They had just arrived. Kevin & Donna decided to stay at their RV’s while Mac, myself, & Arlene decided we were going to ride the ferry over to Port Aransas…Now that was fun!

DSC_0139 [800x600]

DSC_0140 [800x600]

DSC_0154 [800x600]

DSC_0153 [800x600]

We had lunch at Fins…huge Cheeseburgers…

DSC_0265 [800x600]

DSC_0264 [800x600]

and then we were off to the beach…the water was freezing!

DSC_0227 [800x600]

DSC_0214 [800x600]

DSC_0246 [800x600]

DSC_0253 [800x600]

We even saw this cute little car? You can rent them…

DSC_0187 [800x600]

It was finally time to ride the ferry back to Aransas Pass to finish off a very nice day with friends!!

DSC_0272 [800x600]

Sunday I flew back to Kansas to check on my brother and to have a meeting with our tax preparer. I will probably be here about a week and then hopefully I can fly back down to Texas for the last 2 weeks of our trip…

Our granddaughter played in the Substate Basketball Tournament. Unfortunately they didn’t make it to State this year but we are so proud of her! She plays hard and always gives her very best! She is an exceptional player and we love her very much! Next year she will be playing College Ball!! Love you Brit!

Hugs to all!!


squawmama said...

bersesuaLooks like great fun... We are in Arizona now so I guess we missed you all & all the fun! Sure hope Dortha is doing well... That is definately a bummer!!! Have a great day & travel safe!

Joe and Sherri said...

What fun you must be having! Keep the pictures coming we love them.

Janet said...

Have discovered your blog from Cindy Frericks. What a surprise! You are spending time at the Last Resort in Rockport. We know exactly where that is:) And then, discovered you are from western Kansas. So are we! Have you ever heard of Tribune? Where is Garnett?

We have been traveling to the Rockport/Aransas Pass area for 40 years as winter Texans and now as RVrs. Not quite full time yet:( My parents have been spending the winters there since I was 12! We usually stay at the Gas Light Village Mobile Home Park in Aransas Pass. A Senior park with a few RV spaces.

We had to stay home at the farm this winter to take care of some health issues, but are looking forward to next winter in south TX.

Check out our blog at if you want. I will continue to follow yours:) Great to meet other western Kansans:)