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Gate Guarding

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Going Away Dinner and Girl’s Day Out!!!

Girls Day Out

We have had a pretty busy week in the Valley. You read about our Dolphin Watching Cruise on Monday.

Tuesday was a laid back day with not much going on. I was not feeling very good on Monday for our trip to South Padre but was not going to miss the Dolphins…and Tuesday I felt even worse. It was cold and rainy here in Mission. We did some laundry, but with the dryer broken we had to hang clothes all around the RV to dry…now that was

Wednesday we had made a plan to go out for an early dinner with Kevin & Arlene to Texas Roadhouse. They have a Winter Texan Special 2 for 1 dinner. We got there about 4pm and they were already full…we waited about 20 minutes to be seated. Kevin & Arlene ordered the Sirloin Special of the day while Mac & I ordered Prime Rib…it was cooked perfect and was sooo good. But…as soon as I finished eating…I was sick again. Felt terrible all night.

Thursday we had been invited to a Going Away Cookout by Chuck & Kathy at their RV Park…Alamo Palms. I was not sure that I was going to feel good enough to go, but got busy and made my potato salad anyhow because if I didn’t go, Mac could take it. Well, I did not go to the cookout but Mac did and it sounded like they had a very good time.

Friday was a scheduled Girl’s Day Out! Some of the guys were playing golf and others had other plans for the day.

We started our Girl’s Day Out with a stop at a Restaurant Supply Store where some of us made a few purchases.

Next stop was a lunch date at “The Vintage Tea Room”.

DSC_0052 (2)

It is a great little place. Dortha & I kept it a secret that when we all arrived that we had to dress up in Dresses, Hats, Boas, Scarves, or an assortment of all…LOL.

DSC_0040 (2)

DSC_0012 (2)

DSC_0015 (2)

DSC_0024 (2)

DSC_0029 (2)

DSC_0030 (2)

DSC_0035 (2)

DSC_0036 (2)

DSC_0027 (2)


Lynette in white hat

DSC_0017 (2)

We had so much fun. They only serve 3 types of Chicken Salad for sandwiches, a salad with Chicken Salad, and 2 choices of Dessert. Also iced Peach tea, or an assortment of Hot Teas.

DSC_0010 (2)

DSC_0043 (2)

DSC_0049 (2)

After having our lunch and browsing around the little shop…

DSC_0055 (2)

Group outside Tea Room

we headed to our next location…a ROPA…we had heard that there were these ROPA’s..some with new clothing and some with used. We were so curious that we just had to check them out…

A ROPA NUEVA with new clothing is kind of like a regular clothing store…

DSC_0065 (2)

Now a ROPA USADA is all used stuff…and it was …well I’ll let you judge it by the photos…

DSC_0078 (2)

DSC_0076 (2)

DSC_0069 (2)

DSC_0070 (2)



My hands never touched a thing in this one…ewww

DSC_0073 (2)

We had a great day with friends and even met a new one. It was very nice to meet you Sue. We also had to say goodbye to some of our friends…Mary, Kathy, Anna, and also Sue as we will be leaving for Rockport on Monday with Kevin & Arlene, Nolan & Donna and Mark & Dortha.

Hugs to everyone!!!


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh what a fun, fun day you gals had! Sure enjoyed seeing the pics.

Karen and Steve

Randy and Terry said...

Saw the pics on Kathy's blog, too. UGH! No way could I go to a ROPA. I don't like yard sales, either. Don't like digging through stuff.

The tea party pics are great! You guys are having a good time. :)

Gypsy said...

Gir's Day Out looks like so much fun! Wish I was there.