Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Great Week in the Valley

Wednesday was the day for a grocery run…Kevin and Arlene needed to go so we went along to guide them to HEB.

After grocery shopping, Mac & I, and Arlene met up with Mark & Dortha and Deb & Rod for an early dinner at El Tio Chuy for some Mexican food. It was pretty good, but I have had better.

After we finished we headed back to the RV to just chill for the rest of the day. It is cool and rainy and not my type of weather to be out and about in. We went to the office to sign up for a tour of the Border Patrol for next Tuesday but it was already full. They just posted it! The lady in the office said that it was full before the sheet even went up. Well…I told her that in my opinion that was very unfair to the other guests that wanted to go. I’m sure my opinion didn’t matter much but I still gave

Thursday we have a plan to go to “The Taste of the Valley” in Pharr.  Several restaurants and other businesses will be there. There is a $10.00 fee to get in the door and everything is free after you get inside. That will take care of lunch and dinner.

 Well, we went to “The Taste of the Valley” on Thursday…what a joke! We arrived about 6pm and the line was all the way around the building and started around again. It was very disorganized and about 10 times too many people than the building could hold. The lines were terrible and the people were very pushy…literally. I was actually pushed out of the way so that someone could get to the food! We had a couple of samples and we were all in agreement that it was time to leave. We headed over to Rudy’s BBQ and enjoyed a nice meal with friends.

Friday morning we got the call with the sad news that Mac’s cousin Kenny had passed away. He fought a very tough battle and stayed in good spirits through it all. We will miss him greatly! He was the best!

Mac & I then headed out to do some shopping. Mac needed a shirt and some pants. We were lucky and found them in the first store that we went to. YEAH!

After we got back to the RV we went over to Donna & Nolan’s. They were making Hamburgers on the grill and we were going to play Ladder Golf. The food was great and the conversation was wonderful! And watching the guys play Ladder Golf was hilarious!!





I think Chuck was the overall winner…lol








We had a great time…


Saturday all of the gang will gather at the Riverside Grill for a 2 hour Boat Cruise on the Rio Grande and lunch with the Escapees Class of 2007. It should be a great day….

Hugs to all!!

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