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Gate Guarding

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ulysses, KS…to…Lamar, CO

We left Plains, KS on Tuesday, June 14th to go to Ulysses, KS to visit with Mac’s sister and her family. The drive from Plains was only about one hour so we were set up quick.

Linda, Mac’s sister came by to welcome us and then the 3 of us were off to El Ranchito for a much needed Mexican food fix! We love this place! We have to eat here at least twice everytime we come to Ulysses. We visited for quite a while and when Phil, Linda’s husband got home we went to Alejandro’s Mexican Restaurant for dinner. This is another of our favorite places in Ulysses.

Wednesday we decided to go and visit our good friends Jerry & Joyce Klein. Jerry had just gotten out of the hospital so we didn’t stay long. It sure was good to see them both again!! After our visit we went back over to Mac’s sister’s house. She was cooking dinner for us!! Steak Kabobs, Baked Potatoes, and Creamed Green Beans…Man was it yummy!! Thanks Linda. We didn’t take our camera over so didn’t get any photos…

Thursday, we just hung out and visited with the family…and Linda’s grandson, Bryson had a T-Ball game for us to attend…they are so cute at that age. Sorry, no photos again. After the game we all went to Alejandro’s for dinner…Wonderful Fajita’s.….yummy

Friday, we visited with Linda some more while Phil was working.

Late afternoon we headed over to some more good friends of ours, Darrel & Lynette Hickman. We visited and caught up for a couple of hours and then headed back to the RV.

Dakoda & Samantha had softball games in Ulysses that evening, so they came over early to visit and another trip to El Ranchito…

The girls played a very good game and I did remember my camera for this one…here are a few photos from their game…







and Samantha…






and Linda & Phils grandsons…Brendon in the back and Bryson up front


and Jaelynn…


We had a great time visiting in Ulysses, but it was over too soon…it was time to take off to our next destination….Lamar, CO

We packed up and left Saturday morning for our trip to Lamar….



it took us about 2 hours and we arrived at the campground and got all set up. Mac’s cousin, Tom stopped by to say hi while Mac was getting everything outside done.



We headed over to Tom & Dorothy’s after lunch and visited for quite a while and then we went out to dinner together. Tom took us on a ride around so we could see all the changes that had taken place.

Sunday was Father’s Day so we pretty much just hung out at the RV. We did ride around town for a little while.

Murals around town…






Monday we went to the Visitor’s Center for some information on Colorado…




I also had to take a photo of this Wyoming Wagon….they were like a very stark RV that Sheep Herder’s lived in while guarding the sheep. Mac’s dad grazed sheep when he was growing up so he is very familiar with these wagon’s as he’s been in them many times with some of the worker’s that stayed in them…they have a stove, cabinets, a bed, and seats….very rustic…lol



We stopped by and visited with more family….Kathy, Tiffany, Chris, and Bret and work. We didn’t stay very long as they we kinda busy..It was great to see them all again and hopefully it won’t be so long until the next time.

Tom & Dorothy’s grand son had a ball game for Monday evening, but I wasn’t feeling well so Mac went without me.

We had a great time here in Lamar catching up with family. We will definetly have will do this again!!

Tuesday we will be heading to Woodland Park, CO for 5 days to relax and check out what all has changed since we were here last time.

Stay tuned….


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Kathy and Robert said...

That Wyoming Wagon might be the prototype for the Casitas we see today! How cute! K

JB said...

We stayed in the Sportsman on our way to meet you folks in Ulysses last fall. There was not a soul in sight while we were there just a sign on the door that said, "I am on vacation so look after yourself and don't forget to look after me also." There were envelopes for our

Mac and Netters said...

The Sportsman has new owners as of January and the park looks much nicer than what it used to.