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Gate Guarding

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Visiting Family and Crystal & Tyrel’s wedding…

We have really been enjoying our time here in Plains visiting with the kids & grandkids.

Crystal’s wedding is coming up fast. Friday was the Rehearsal and dinner and everything went well. The wedding is going to be really nice with the bright colors that they have chosen to use. Crystal’s dress is beautiful.

Saturday morning arrived…Wedding Day for the young couple! We just hung around the RV for part of the day until Mac’s sister, Linda, & family arrived with their RV. We all visited for a while and then got ready for the wedding.

We took off out into the country to Tyrel’s parent’s house. The wedding was going to be outside on the side deck. Everything was all set up and I went upstairs to spend some time with the Bride, Dana, and some of the grandkids. Crystal looked beautiful in her Wedding Dress…and was a little stressed…lol

I’ll let some photos tell you the story of the wedding…..




letting off a little stress…lol


DSC_0206 (2)






Tyrel and Crystal Wedding DAy

here are a few other photos taken before and after the  wedding…

Russell & Dana


Jeff & Sara


and Tyrel’s parents…John & Melinda



DSC_0155 (2)




DSC_0146 (2)


After the wedding, we headed out to the building that they were holding the Reception & Dinner. We actually got through the Reception & Dinner before a storm brewed up….uh oh…Tornado Warning….Radio announced for everyone to take cover. That was pretty scary because there were about 100 people there and only enough room in the storm shelter for the little kids and babies. Everyone stood around watching the sky and Mac came over to me and said “Get in the Truck & put on your seat belt, we are going out to the road to see if we can see anything.” He had planned to take off in the opposite direction  of the Tornado if it was coming. It was raining so hard that I’m not sure we would of even saw it, but Mac was determined that we ere not going to just stand around and become targets for the storm. Eventually the rain stopped and the storm passed by without a tornado so we headed back to the building to continue the celebration. I’m sure that Crystal & Tyrel will always remember the wonderful wedding & the Tornado excitement of that day…





It looked like everyone had a great time…some of them more than others…lol.

We made it home about midnight after trying to get Mac, who had imbibed a little too much, into the truck!

Sunday was a pretty laid back day. We didn’t do much except hang around the RV most of the day. We went over to Dana’s in the evening for a little while.

Monday, we ran to Liberal to make a WalMart run. I needed a 4g USB drive to copy all the photos that I had taken of the rehearsal & wedding on for Crystal & Tyrel.

After we got back we had the other casserole that I had made for dinner and then off to Dakota & Samantha’s softball games. WE stopped back over at Dana’s for a little while before going back to the RV to start packing up for our move to Ulysses for a few days.

We will be in Ulysses until Saturday morning when we leave to go to Lamar, CO to visit Mac’s cousin’s.


Mark and Dortha said...

Sorry about the weather...the wedding couple looks great. We wish them all the happiness for years to come. Glad you were there to enjoy the day with them.

Travel safe and see you guys later this summer.


Kathy and Robert said...

Beautiful bride, handsome groom, little stormy weather...memorable day! Lovely!

squawmama said...

Aside the weather it looks as if it was a wonderful event!!! The bride was beautiful!!!
Have fun & Travel safe

Anonymous said...

I love the colors she chose for her wedding....tell them congratulations...and Oh how I wish someone would have put one of those PINK shirts on Mac....while trying to get him in the truck!!!...Love you guys!