Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cheyenne Wyoming and Visiting Family

We left Woodland Park on Monday, June 27th on our way to Terry Bison’s Ranch RV in Cheyenne, WY. Our travel day was pretty short.



We traveled through Denver and I had to get a shot of a couple places there…




We made it to the RV Park and got all set up.



This is a nice place next to the highway but not a lot of noise. They have a Restaurant on site, plus you can take tours of the actual ranch where they raise the Buffalo. Also they have many other kinds of animals here….Camels, Alpaca’s, Horses, Beefalo, Minature Horses others.



 DSC_0004 (2)


We haven’t taken the train tour yet, but maybe tomorrow.

After we got all set up, we ran to the grocery stores and WalMart for a few supplies. Mac ran in to Sam’s also.

Monday night & Tuesday I was sick with the “bug” so didn’t do anything on Tuesday. Just hung out at the RV.

Wednesday we took a driving tour of Cheyenne and also stopped at the Wyoming State Museum. Free Admission, also. It was a very interesting place with a movie about the Railroad coming through and lots of displays….










and here is another Wyoming Wagon…a little different that the one in my last blog, but…it shows you what the insides look like.


and Sheep herders lived in these while the watched the herds…Mac’s family grazed Sheep and had these Wyoming Wagons on their land.



Native American displays


Household displays



and Mac explaining to me that a machine like this Maytag is what his mother used and he got his hand caught in when he was a kid…


Western Displays with guns and saddles…



and there is so much more to see…too many photos to post on this blog.

After the Museum, we went in search of the “Boots”….These are 19 large boots that have been painted by local artists and then auctioned off. They raised nearly $100,000.00. The boots are located in different areas of the city. Here are a few of the boots we found…

Downtown Cheyenne1







We had barely arrived back home when our friends Keith & Donna Green pulled in right beside us with their new to them Foretravel Motorhome. We were so excited to see them!! We hadn’t seen them since we were in Yuma last winter. Their new coach is very beautiful! Much more room for them. We visited for a while and then came back to our RV for the night.

Thursday, we went our seperate ways…Mac needed bloodwork done and I had an appointment for a Pedicure.

We made plans to have dinner with Keith & Donna. We met at a little place called The Tortilla Factory. The food was very good, but the company was much better!!

Friday we were up and preparing to make a long drive to Sterling, CO to visit with my Aunt & Uncle and cousins that I hadn’t seen in many many years. I was very excited even though it was a 2-1/2 hour drive both ways. Most of them were working so we had planned to arrive around 3:30.

We had such a great time re-connecting with them and introducing them to Mac.

Here are a few photos that I took….

my Uncle Dempsey Milligan. My dad’s brother…


My aunt Darlena…


and this is..from left…Darwin, Debbie, Uncle Demps, Aunt Darlena, and Denny….my cousin Dalen and family weren’t able to be there…


Debbie and family



Denny and family


and Darwin and family


We missed seeing Dalen and his family but we hope to be able to go back to Sterling and spend a few days with the family soon!

Saturday, we took another drive downtown to try to find the other Boots that we had missed and made a  stop at WalMart.

We had dinner with Keith & Donna and two other couple sat the Senator’s Steakhouse & Saloon that is located here on site. The food was very good, but we didn’t try the Bison. Donna had a Bison Brat and said it was very good.

After dinner we visited for a little while and gave our goodbye hugs to Keith & Donna as they were leaving Sunday morning to head to Thayne, WY where Bob & Molly are.

This morning(Sunday) Molly called and asked what our travel plans were when we left Cheyenne and told us that there was a lot next to them that we could stay on if we wanted to change our other reservations. It didn’t take Mac & I long to get on the phone and cancel the other reservations and make one at the KOA in Rock Springs for July 5th. We will arrive in Thayne, WY on July 6th and stay there until July 18th when we are scheduled to be in Island Park, ID for a month. WE sure love this life…and as they say our travel plans are made in jello…LOL

Everyone have a terrific and safe 4th of July tomorrow!!



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squawmama said...

Great photos and getting to meet up with friends ~ how nice is that! Glad you got a chance to meet up with family too!
Have fun & Travel safe

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I remember that little train tour very well. Thanks. For the memories!

FD5, Retired said...

See ya in Thayne. We arrive on the 6th.

Stay Safe

Chuck-Kathy said...

Tell everyone hello for us. We will have the light on for you on the 18th, unless you get there before us.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Thanks for taking us along on your journey! ---those big cowboy boots are a hoot!

Karen and Steve

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