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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Star Valley RV Resort & Teton National Park

On Tuesday July 5th we left Cheyenne, WY on our way west and then north with a destination of Thayne, WY and Star Valley RV Resort. Molly had called us and asked if we wanted to come there instead of going to Rawlins….it sure didn’t take Mac and I long to re-arrange our plans to stay at Star Valley for 11 days.

Our travel day was very nice. We saw views that  are awesome. I even saw a few of my favorite things to photograph…Barns and old houses.

DSC_0020 (2)

DSC_0025 (2)



We stopped for the night in Rock Springs, WY at the KOA. It’s a nice park but there isn’t a lot to offer in the town.



We were up early Thursday and on the road so that we would arrive in plenty of time for Happy Hour…lo.l We were greeted by Bob & Molly and Keith & Donna. John & Bridget arrived about mid-afternoon and got all set up. Bob & Molly and Keith & Donna had things out for Happy Hour and were grilling dinner for us. It’s so nice to see these great friends again.




DSC_0002 (2)

Friday night we all went to Jackson Hole to a Dessert Theater called “Murder Rides Again” It was very good and the actors & actresses were very believable.


Saturday, we had Brunch over at Keith & Donnas. We visited for quite a while



and then Mac & I headed out to get fuel and to look around a little bit. We ended up at the Teton National Park. This is a very nice place. We got to see Buffalo, Elk, and even a Momma Grizzly with 2 cubs. They were pretty far away so the photos don’t show them very well.






In the background behind the Elk you can see the Momma Grizzly & one of her cubs…


Sunday we all got together and took a drive to Afton and hiked up to the Intermitant Spring. We had all packed a picnic lunch so we ate before starting the hike. It is about a 3/4 mile hike in and mostly uphill. There were spots where the path disappeared and we climbed over big rocks and walked across logs to get to the bridge that takes you to the Spring. There was so much snow melt this year that the Spring was a continual flow but it was still awesome to see it and the snow. After we all hiked back down we were all hungry again so we went into town and had an early dinner.


Hike to Intermittent Spring with the Wyoming GAng

Monday, Bob & Molly loaned us their car so that Mac & I and John & Bridget could go pack to the Teton National Park for the day. The weather was beautiful and we found a perfect spot for a picnic.


Picasa Content

 Teton National Park & Jackson Hole, WY with John & Bridget

We drove and drove but only saw some Elk and a herd of Buffalo….then we turned onto the last leg of the park and there it was…One lone Moose laying in the grass…she laid there for quite some time. I got several photos and we decided that she wasn’t going to get up, so we got in the car to leave. About that time she got up and started moving around….so we all piled out of the car to take a few more photos.

What a great day with our friends….Thanks Bob & Molly for letting us use your car for this wonderful outing!

The rest of the week we had Happy Hours, played cards, and ate a lot!

Wednesday night we all went to a Chuckwagon Dinner outside of Jackson Hole at the Bar J Ranch. The food was good and the entertainment was great. We all had a fun time!!


We had Brunch at our RV on Friday, the 15th. I had made a Bacon & Onion Quiche, Biscuits and Homemade Cinnamon Rolls. Mac cooked Sausage Gravy. I think everyone enjoyed it and got plenty to eat.


Sunday we all got together for our last night at Star Valley and had Ribs, Cornbread, Beans, Baked Beans,  French Bread, and Peach Cobbler. Then of course we had to play cards again! Mac won the 10 Penny game again.

Monday we were up and ready to head out, traveling with John & Bridget to Island Park, ID to meet up with Kevin & Arlene and Chuck & Kathy. We drove through some beautiful country again…mountains, rivers, Mustard fields, and Potato fields….


We needed to stop at WalMart in Idaho Falls to buy some groceries and fuel up. When we walked into WalMArt, we were greeted by Kevin & Arlene and Chuck & Kathy who had the same idea…LOL Lots of hugs were exchanged and then we all seperated to get our shopping done so we could get to Island Park and all settled in.

We are all parked in a row together and have already started the month out right….Happy Hour, Dinner, and Cards!!

Tuesday, the guys all went to check out the golf course and the girls took a trip into West Yellowstone to browse some of the shops and have lunch.

It’s gonna be a great month here!!

Stay tuned….


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What what a great time you guys are having... Photos are wonderful! Only problem is we wish we were there to meet you all and join in on the fun!!!
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