Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Winter Home….

We arrived in Yuma about 2pm on Thursday, Dec 8th and started setting up. We are anxious to get things done so that we can start relaxing and spending some time with friends.

We took a break about 4:30 and headed down to Parrishes to have a sandwich for lunch/dinner. While we were there, Phyllis called and wanted to know where we were. So we hurried and finished our sandwiches and headed over to their lot for “Social Hour” and to see everyone!

Friday, we did some more around here getting things put where we want them. We went to Mike & Bette’s for Pizza and cards about 5:00. We have such a great time with these friends that we just met last year!. Mike & Bette, Bob & Phyllis, Bill & Nancy, John & Kendra, Knute & Hanna, and Dave were all there. Neither of us won at Chase the Ace, but we had a great time!

Saturday we headed over to Algodones for the “Welcome Party” at Paraiso’s Outdoor Plaza. Bob & Phyllis, Mike & Bette, Bill & Nancy, Knute & Hanna were all there too…. From 11:00 – 2:00 there was FREE Margarita’s, Beer, & Food! 

Mac & I

Mac Nette

Bob & Phyllis

Bob Phyllis

Mike & Bette

Mike Bette

Knute & Hanna

Knute Hanna

Bill & Nancy

Bill Nancy

and the group…



I wasn’t feeling very well, so we left about 1:45 and headed back to the RV.

As you can see…we have been pretty busy these first few days…

Sunday, we went to breakfast with Bob & Phyllis and Buzz at “Bottom’s Up. They said the Moose was almost impossible to get in to on Sunday mornings now….that’s too bad. We ran out to the Flea Market to look around a little while. Mac was looking for some light fixtures for the RV but didn’t find anything…so I guess we’ll order them through Camping World. The rest of the day we just hung out at the RV and watched some TV and relaxed.

Monday we had a few things to get done around the TV. About 4:00 we went to the Moose for their Hot Wings and to watch Karaoke for a little while with Bob & Phyllis, Mike & Bette, John & Kendra, and Buzz. We got home about 8:00.

Tuesday, we didn’t do anything…it rained almost all day so we stayed home and relaxed…watched TV, read blogs….and then I made a pot of Chili for dinner.

Wednesday, Mac and I went to the Yuma Visitor’s Center to pick up some information on some things that we can do this winter. Lots of activities are going on.

We are starting to settle in here in our site. We will really enjoy the time we have to relax. It’s been pretty cool here, but hope that it will start warming up real soon!

Worked on Christmas Cards this morning and getting them ready to mail…whew…..there were lots of them just for family!

Mac went to the Moose this morning and got our tickets for the New Years Eve Party with our friends…we have a table of 14 for the night! Should be lots of fun!!

Stay tuned……lots more going on in the next few days!



Rascal and Camper


Gypsy's Tales said...

Looks like fun Are you feeling okay now? Bob & I head east next Thurs or Fri depending on Bob's work schedule next week We should be at our son's home in NC by the 27th. merry Christmas and enjoy your time there
Hugs Barb & Bob

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Looks like things are coming together for the winter nicely! Have a good time at the new years eve party!!

Gypsy said...

It sounds like you are in the perfect place to have a great time!