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Gate Guarding

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Yuma….

Friday, we had plans to spend the evening with friends…Pizza & Cards. This is a weekly event so Mac & I had to make a run to the grocery store to pick up supplies to make snacks for tonight, Saturday night, and a fruit salad for Christmas dinner.

We went over to Mike & Bette’s about 5:30pm. Mac & I, Mike & Bette, Bob & Phyllis, Bill & Nancy, Knute & Hanna, John & Kendra, Buzz & Carolyn, and Dave all had a great time visiting and playing 2 games of Chase the Ace. Knute won the first game & Bill won the 2nd game. We always have a great time with these friends. Sorry no photos….

We had a wonderful time at Mike & Bette’s on Christmas Eve! Lots of snacks, great friends and more Chase the Ace!! Mac & I both won a round each and Phyllis won the other round. We are very fortunate that we have been welcomed in to this great group of friends here! Who would of thought when we came to Yuma last year not knowing any of them, that we would be spending so much time together and become such good friends!

Here is a little something that I posted on Facebook yesterday…enjoy!


It was Christmas Eve in Yuma…
And everyone was laughing & having a good time.
Mac & Nette scattered about some food for the reindeer
And left hot dogs on the grill, and cookies for Santa,to eat this year.
The lights were all glowing in blues,whites and reds
While their RVing friends had visions of Santa floating in their heads.
The presents were wrapped and under the firewood tree
Bob & Phyllis, Mike & Bette, Bill & Nancy, Knute & Hanna, John & Kendra, Buzz & Carolyn, Mac & Nette, and Dave sat at the table playing Chase the Ace... looking as happy as could be.
Nette read a book to her RVing friends...
About the manger, where the Baby Jesus laid his head.
Mac & Nette looked up at the sky...
To see if Santa’s bright light could be seen nearby.
Mac said that Santa wouldn’t come before bed
So the rest of us ran to our RV's, and covered up our heads.
We listened for Santa, and thought we heard a sound
A deep laugh, quickly rang out all around.
Santa was hungry, and saw the hot dogs on the grill...
He rubbed his big tummy the whole time he ate.
He left lots of RV toys, and turned around in two quick twirls
After all, Mac, Bob, Mike, Bill, Knute, John, Buzz told Santa that Nette, Phyllis, Nancy, Hanna, Kendra, and Carolyn had been very good girls this year.
He left just as quickly... once the reindeer finished their snack
And said, “Be very good... and next year we’ll be back.”
With a twitch of his nose... the sleigh took off in flight
With a a big belly laugh, you could hear him shout....
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a blessed night.”


We had a late night(2am MST) phone call from our daughter’s Dana & Teri and Mac’s sister Linda….they were having a great time!! We talked to the for about an hour and finally got to bed a little after 3am…I borrowed this photo from Jamie…looks like they were having a wonderful time!!!

Dana Teri Jan and Jamie

We will be heading back over to Mike & Bette’s for Christmas dinner today and more time spent with special friends….

We had a great dinner with lots of socializing and then on to “Chase the Ace” We played 2 rounds tonight and I won one of them…$12.00 pot and Carolyn won the other one. WOW…that’s two wins in two days for me…$22.00 total and Mac won once…a $10.00 pot.










Great time with wonderful friends….

Christmas is almost over for another year….hopefully the weather starts warming up here soon!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Yuma!!


Russ Krecklow said...

We're planning on being in Yuma for the Gypsy Journal Rally. Hope to meet you guys! Have a Happy New Year.

antonypoe said...

bella foto. ciao