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Monday, January 2, 2012

Gearing up for the New Year…

We had a great Christmas with our friends here in Yuma. Lots of laughter, games, food, and visiting….

Monday  & Tuesday after Christmas were kind of a blur….I had a Sinus Migraine and it sure didn’t want to go away. I think I tried about every kind of medicine that I had and nothing seemed to work…

I used to have a Sinus mask that you put in the Microwave and warmed up…then it helped unblock your sinuses and soothe the headache. I’m gonna have to find another one here if I can.

Wednesday I was feeling better but not quite up to par still. We just hung around the RV and I actually felt good enough to fix dinner. Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Gravy. Mac had cooked some fresh Green Beans earlier in the day in the pressure cooker so we had those too…yummy. Best meal we have had in a while at home.

Thursday, we went to the Indoor Flea Market on a mission to find a Sinus Mask…and I found one!! YEAH! Now when my sinuses start bothering me I can use the mask before the headache starts.

After the Flea Market we went for a drive and ended up at the Cocopah Casino….Mac put $5.00 in a machine and won $90.00 on the first pull….and just continued winning…He ended up leaving $220.00 ahead for the day. Me on the other hand….I put in $20.00 and left with $15.25 of my $20….not too bad. We were going to eat at the Casino but they didn’t have a Buffet on Thursday so we left on search of a Mexican Restaurant that had been recommended to us on our Christmas Light Bus Tour.

We found Chili Peppers after a little searching….well all I have to say is….the food was almost the worst we have ever had….and we both left there without eating most of it. That’s not normal for Mac,if you know him….$25.00 and I would recommend that if you like real authentic Mexican Food….AVOID this place.

After dinner we stopped at Fry’s to pick up a couple of things and then headed back to the RV for the evening.

The weather here is starting to warm up finally…It has been in the 70’s the last few days and we are really enjoying it. Next week we plan to make another trip to Algodones to visit the dentist that we see there. Mac needs a couple of fillings and I have two teeth that the fillings have came out and broken the tooth. So who know what that will entail! But we will get to go to Paraiso’s and have a Margarita & maybe do a little shopping…

Friday, we went to Mike & Bette’s for our Friday night Pizza & Cards…it is so much fun getting together with all of these new friends that we have made here in Yuma.

Saturday night we went to the Moose Lodge with the gang for the New Year’s Eve Party & Dinner. The dinner was just so-so. No one really liked it all that much. I thought the Chicken Cordon-Blu was pretty good but the biggest complaint from everyone was that there was no salad, the veggies were soggy & no dessert to finish off the meal. Oh well…we ate and did a lot of visiting before the band started. They were really good!

We danced more than we have danced in years…we both figured that we would be really sore the next day, but we weren’t.

Me & Phyllis

Lynette and Phyllis

Our dinner


the gang…




Phyllis & Bob


Mike & Bette


me & Mac



Nancy & Bill


Jerry & Sharon




Buzz’s date, Carolyn


Knute…his wife Hanna was working at the Moose


Hanna & Buzz dancing after she finished working


me & Bob dancing…


A fun time was had by all!!

We went home and Mac decided that a little payback was due, so he called Teri & Dana about 1;30 our time…2:30 theirs and talked to Teri for quite a while…he also tried to call our other daughter, Christie…but she never answered…LOL. Don’t blame her… :)

Sunday we were up and getting ready….we had a New Year’s Day get together at Mike & Bette’s for Football & Food. They had baked a wonderful Ham and everyone else brought sides & a Dessert. Yummy. I even cheered on the Arizona Cardinals..since we are in AZ.

Mike & Bette in their backyard bar area…








We stayed and laughed, and visited until almost 6:00 and then decided it was time to head on home. We just watched TV and tried to catch up on blogs, Facebook, Words with Friends….

Monday we are just going to stay home and relax….nothing planned again until Friday with the gang.


Stay Tuned….



Happy New Year

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

My goodness what a bunch of Party Animals you hang out with! LOL

Glad you found your mask, those really help a lot.

Happy New Year!

Karen and Steve
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