Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Friday, August 3, 2012

Moving Soon….?

We found out yesterday that if things go well, we may be done here at this Gate in a couple of weeks or so. They think they are getting the lost tubing pulled out. Even though it got stuck again and they were thinking they might have to do a blast yesterday. Not sure if they had to or not. No one updated us on that last night. They did come down to tell us to tell everyone that came through the gate to shut off their cell phones and any other electronics before going to the well site. That is a safety precaution. Some electronics might set off the blast prematurely…so they want to be extra careful.

Things must have went ok…they said that we were far enough away that we didn’t have to do anything with our phones or other electronics.

Someone told Mac this morning that they did have to Blast in the hole and everything went well.

This gate hasn’t been a real busy one even though there are 2 wells on site and they have worked on both. The first one was a pretty easy fix, but the one they are working on now is taking them longer than they thought.

The company man came by yesterday and talked to Mac to let us know that they were thinking that they would be done in a couple of weeks and asked us to move with them to the next site if we wanted. He said that they all really like us and really want us to stay with them. That is a nice compliment. We have liked working with them also, so if things are approved with Gate Guard Services we will move to the new Site with them. It’s only about 10 miles or so away from where we are now.

Hopefully we may get a day or so off during the move so that we can go into San Antonio for dinner and maybe some real shopping…LOL. The HEB’s around here are very small and not much selection. Also the closest WalMart is not even a Supercenter and the selection is pretty slim.

I have been taking a few photos around here, but there’s not a lot to photograph. Sunrises and Sunsets….it’s amazing that they look so different from day to day. I may take my camera in with me next time I go to Yorktown and take a few photos while I’m there. Looks like a couple of things would be good photo ops….

Here are a few photos that I have taken since my last post…


DSC_0007 - Copy

night before Full Moon…

DSC_0025 - Copy

Our Site

DSC_0034 - Copy

Mac taking a photo of me….

DSC_0032 - Copy

taking a photo of him…lol


another Sunset…


another photo of the CaraCara that was in the field next to our rig.

DSC_0006 - Copy

View down the road toward the Well with the CaraCara flying over the tree…

DSC_0016 - Copy

My sister has a nice BIG Commercial Embroidry machine and when we were there in April we were going through her patterns and I found one that I really liked…she made me a towel and I just got it here a few days ago!! I love It!! Thanks so much Lyvonne!!

Towel from Lyvonne

That should bring us up to date….

Have a great weekend everyone!!



Campers4Life said...

Great pictures, and OH !! what a wonderful compliment to be asked to follow the crew to the next gig.

That is awesome. I am so looking forward to getting there one day and joining in the ranks of GGs :)

Safe Travels, Chris and Charles said...

Mac might be mistaken for a sunset in his safety orange! Glad you are doing so well!

Safe Travels, Chris and Charles said...

Mac might be mistaken for a sunset in his safety orange! Glad you are doing so well!