Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Heartland Rally Weekend

The rally officially started last night. We had a Meet & Greet down at Mike and Daphna Fiehler's RV. They supplied snacks and we brought our own drinks and chairs. It was very chilly outside so we were all in coats. We met a lot of new RV'ers and visited for about an hour and a half. Some people had tickets for shows so they took off and everyone else slowly headed to their own RV's to warm up.

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Today we all met at 8am for breakfast at the Celebration Station-which is one of the buildings here at ABC Campground. We had some live entertainment to serenade us while we

We had the afternoon free so Mac & I headed out to do some sight-seeing and to visit downtown Branson. We ended up going to a Craft Mall and looked around and then had some lunch. Lunch was not very good. After that we headed to downtown and parked and just started up the street. We went into Dick's 5 & Dime. I love those stores...they have everything! We went to the Fudge & Candy Store...not a good place for us but we did leave with some caramels, salt water taffy, and a small piece of fudge. I looked in a couple of other shops and bought me a sweatshirt since I didn't have one in the RV and have been freezing.

Tonight we met at 6pm for the potluck. There was a lot of food---but I don't think there was near as much as in Kerrville!!!

We didn't realize that this was the Missouri Chapter's first Rally. They had a pretty good turn out for a first one.

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Jim Beletti, PR guy for Heartland gave us the low down on Heartland and their Financial situation. It's great!! Still no debt! After that they drew for prizes. Every couple won twice. We won a Heartland Cap & Sticky Mat(holds cellphone or iPod from slipping around) and a maintenance care package for our solid surface countertops.

Photos were then taken of the ladies and then one of all the guys. We visited more and passsed around contact cards.

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We are now back at the rig watching the NASCAR race.

Tomorrow most everyone is leaving but we don't leave until Monday heading to the east side of Springfield for about 3 days to visit with family before heading home.

Hugs to all!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mac...heard that the Rally is in Nashville next year!!!...I can't wait til you tell me you've got that Visa ready to go!!!

Joe and Sherri said...

So glad to see you both having fun We are about to pack up here and head to Terrell Texas.