Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mac's Doctors Appointment & Clinton Lake

Yesterday afternoon we made a quick trip out to Clinton Lake after we got back from Kansas City. We had talked to Speedy about this COE Lake as a possibility for him and Sherri when they next come to Kansas. It was overcast and cold and windy so we didn't stay long. I did take a couple of photos yesterday but we had decided to go back today after Mac's doctor appointment.

Anyhow, Mac's appointment went great. We were extremely happy with the specialist. They used a camera and placed it down his throat so that they could see the vocal chords and watch the movement as he made a "eeee" noise. It was pretty cool to see the way it works. The growths looked fairly small to me, but what so I the doctor seems to think that they are getting smaller on their own now that he has quit smoking so he doesn't want to do surgery right now. He will see him again in February to do another video and compare the differences. Now if they start growing or haven't changed in size, we're not sure what he will do then. But all in all, we were happy with the outcome and that gives Mac another reason to stay off the cigarettes.....YEAH!!

After the appointment we went and got us a breakfast sandwich at Spangles and then off so I could pick up a couple of beading things I needed at Michaels...I love that store!!!  LOL. then we headed to WalMart so that I could get a couple of seat cushions for the bleachers at the football game on Friday. My back hurts so bad after sitting on those bleachers for a whole game that I decided to get a couple of cushions.

When those chores were done, we headed back to Clinton Lake to take some more photos of the COE side of the lake. We really liked Cedar Ridge Campground! We didn't get to see Hickory or Walnut Campgrounds as they were already closed for the winter. Here are some of the photos from Cedar Ridge:





Nice Pull thru sites


Four rows are like this..all nice pull thrus



Back in site with good view of the lake



Boat Ramp


and some of the


We then came home so I could do some laundry so it would all be done and not have to haul it in to the house tomorrow for our one night stay at home. I took a short nap and Mac spent most of his time visiting with Park guests & Workampers.

This is a great way to spend our time!!

We will be in Kingman on Thursday night and then on to Plains for Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

Hugs to all!!!

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Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Cedar Ridge is our preferred CG when we go to Clinton. We have stayed there so many times, I cannot remember them separately anymore.
While they have some 50 amp sites, mostly there are 30s. This does not allow second ac's on those really hot days, but all in all for a quick trip for a camping weekend, we don't think it can be beat in the KC area. Golden Age Pass works too!