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Gate Guarding

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Marshfield & Seymour

We arrived at RV Express Campground about noon yesterday.

100_1824 [800x600]


It is right off of I-44 in Marshfield, Mo. We were immediately greeted by the owner who showed us to our site and told us to come up to the office whenever we were ready.

Here is a couple of photos of the park and our site:

100_1841 [800x600]

100_1842 [800x600]

100_1843 [800x600]

This is a nice park. All cement sites with grass and shrubs. Picnic tables and a grill. The only downside that I see is that it is next to I-44 and pretty noisy outside. You would not be able to sit outside and visit very well. Now inside the RV you can hear the traffic but it is not so loud as to be distracting. Nice place to stop for the night or a few days, but not somewhere that you would want to spend time outside. They also have a free continental breakfast every morning. We didn't go up this morning but may tomorrow. Super wi-fi !! Got on chat last night and didn't get booted once.

After we got all set up and made our trip to the office to check in, we headed out to Camping World to look for some things we just had to Well after we made our purchases, we went and got fuel. $2.49 gallon for diesel. We also made a quick stop at Taco Bell.

After Taco Bell we decided to run over to Seymour to surprise one of my cousins if she was home.

Here are a few photos of the drive from Marshfield to Seymour...beautiful colors.

100_1828 [800x600]

100_1829 [800x600]

100_1830 [800x600]


Well Sheryl was home and we sat and visited for about an hour with her and told her that we would be back over on Tuesday. We then took a ride around the square to see how much had changed. I took a photo of a mural that is on the side of a building at the end of the square. It is very good!

100_1836 [800x600]

100_1837 [800x600]

There are a couple others and I will try to get photos of them too. I am also going to try to take some photos of where my grandmothers lived. I may go our to the cemetery to do a little genealogy work if I have time.

I called several cousins to try to set up times to get together and we will try to make those happen in the next couple of days.

So we are going to be on the run most of the day today to see as much as we can of my mom & dad's hometown.

Have a great day everyone!

Hugs to all!!!


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Hey.. finally fnished reading your blog today from page one. Wow! Now that I am all caught up, can't wait to meet you guys somewhere down the road.

squawmama said...

Good Morning... We are in need of a Camping World visit soon too... I hope you have fun and catching up with all your family... Looking forward to hear about it... Have FUN!

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