Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve & Christmas in Yuma

We arrived in Yuma about 2:30 on Thursday. We got all set up and I called Phyllis to let her know that we had arrived. We were supposed to go over to their lot for Happy Hour.

We went over and met several new people and visited for awhile. It was so great to finally meet Bob & Phyllis in person! They are great!!

The weather started getting cool so everyone started heading back to their own places. The four of us decided to run over to Parrishes for dinner and a drink. The food is really good there. After dinner, Bob & Phyllis took us over to 55th St for the “' ‘twas the Night Before Christmas” Christmas lights. They were amazing!





these are just a few of the photos that I took…it’s a great light display. When people buy lots or houses on the street it is a requirement that they agree to decorate for the holiday.

On Friday, Christmas Eve, we were invited over to Mike & Betty’s for snacks and games. They have a nice place here with a pool in the backyard. We learned a new card game called Chase the Ace. What a fast moving game….Mac nor I won…go figure.

On Saturday, Christmas Day, we were to go over to Buzz’ house to join the group for a Prime Rib dinner and more games. The dinner was wonderful but the friends and conversation was wonderful!



and then there was Phyllis showing off her wings….lol (shoulder pads)


Thanks so much Bob & Phyllis for inviting us to join you and all your friends for this first holiday away from home.

This morning we were up and out the door by 9:15am to go with Bob & Phyllis and some of the gang to the Moose Lodge for Sunday Funday…with BM’s(Bloody Mary’s) and breakfast. The food and drinks were good, but the company and conversation were priceless!!

After we left the Moose, Mac & I drove around in the foothills and looked at lots that were for sale. We didn’t see any signs for rental lots left. We found a few that we really liked. I think this is somewhere that we could buy a lot and make it our home base for some of our winters.

We have been really busy since we have arrived in Yuma and look forward to more adventures with Bob & Phyllis and the other new friends that we have met since we have been here.

Kevin & Arlene and Donnie & Karen will be here next week so business will pick up even more….and then lots more of our friends will be arriving in Yuma in January…woohoo…we have really missed them.




Carol and Johnny said...

Glad ya'll made it safe and sound to Yuma and are enjoying great company and fun! A belated Merry Christmas!

Jim and Dee said...

I love the wings! I'm so glad you're with friends and out of snowy weather. Miss you guys. hugs

squawmama said...

SOunds like you enjoyed your friends new & old, and the holiday was super. The wings were a hoot... LOVED them! I have been gone from the blogging world for a while & I am trying very hard to get back on the bloggin track... I have missed my blogland friends! Have a Very Happy New Year!!!

Lee and Loralie said...

Hi all! We met Mac on the last day of Escapade in Missouri as we were all pulling out of the wet, muddy fields. Hope we get to see you again in Yuma.

Debbie Goode said...

Looks like you are having a blast! Happy New Year