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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Trying to Play Catch Up

I have been very remiss in keeping my blog up to date lately. We have been really busy with family and great friends.

I ended my last blog with telling JB & Brenda goodbye and and us getting ready to head toward Plains, Ks to spend some time with Dana & Family.

We got a message that Rod & Deb were going to come to Plains to see us…Yeah! It’s amazing where people will stay just to be close to family & friends.That’s how this little RV Park in Plains can be described…it’s not much at all, but our family lives in this town and it is very close for us!!

We arrived at the Star Crest Motel RV Park in mid afternoon and got all set up.


Then we headed over to Dana’s to see her, Russell and the kids. We had a great visit and made plans to go to Dakoda and Samantha’s Basketball game in Johnson the next evening.

The girls played great and unfortunatly lost in the final seconds of the game…





After the game we all headed through Ulysses and stopped for dinner at
El Ranchito…yummy…this is the last meal there for a while.

Deb & Rod were going to come to see us on Wedensday but the wind was really high so they decided to hang out in Lamar, Co for an extra day and come on Thursday.

The girls had another Basketball game and Deb & Rod decided to join us…The girls played another great game, but came out a little short in the end…Great game Girls!





and us trying to watch the game and do some chatting…


Dana made a nice dinner of Roast Pork Tenderloin, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, and brussel sprouts for all of us.  It was wonderful! Thanks so much Dana! Deb & Rod enjoyed meeting part of our family, I think…

On Friday morning we were packing up and getting ready to head toward Amarillo, TX to spend Thanksgiving with Chris & Dusty and his family. I also had a doctors appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon about getting my knee fixed.


The trip was pretty un-eventful. Rod & Deb followed us and were set up right next to us.


Saturday, we just kind of hung out and Deb & Rod and Mac & I went to the Big Texan for dinner. This place has a lot of atmosphere…the food was just ok, but the company was wonderful! Mac even ordered some Mountain Oysters and Deb even ate one…LOL I didn’t even take my camera, so I don’t have a photo to prove it…

Deb made us home made Spaghetti for dinner on Sunday night…It was wonderful! After dinner, we drove over by Chris & Dusty’s house to see all the Decorations that they had set up in their yard…WOW…it looked great!


Monday morning Rod & Deb were getting all packed up…they had an appointment with a few of our other RVing friends to spend some time at Cowtown RV Park in Fort Worth, TX for Thanksgiving.




We were sure sorry to see them go, but we had a great time with them and are hoping to get together again this winter in Arizona.

I read on some friends blog that they would be coming through Amarillo on Wednesday and would be spending Thanksgiving at the Big Texan…of course Chris & I said immediately….NO…they are going to join us for dinner. I sent them a message on where we were staying and invited them to have Thanksgiving dinner with all of us. They agreed…

Tuesday I had an appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon about my knee…after waiting for a long time in the waiting room, I finally got in to see Dr Parker. I really liked him immediately. He checked the MRI, took a few X-Rays and then told me what I already knew…I have a torn Meniscus and a torn Cartilage in my right knee and it needed Arthroscopic surgery. The surgery was scheduled for Thursday December 2nd at 7am.

Wednesday Mike and Leslie Kennedy arrived at the RV Oasis RV Resort here in Amarillo and were parked a couple of sites down from us. We let them get all set up and then went over for a short visit and told them the plans for the dinner the next day.

Thursday,we were up and I was getting things prepared to take to Chris’ for dinner. It was going to be a late dinner since Chris & Dusty was participating in a 5K Run/Walk that morning at 8am.

We picked up Mike & Leslie and headed over to Chris & Dusty’s about 1:30 to help get things set up. Mac & Mike had already been over there about 11am to help Dusty with the Turkey Frying and for Mac to put a Ham in our Smoker.


Mike & Leslie


Dusty’s parents, Terry & Carol


Dusty’s sister, Windy & her husband Shane


and their son, Braydon


Chris & Dusty with Mac…


It was a great day with games after dinner…we played a new game called “A Game of Things” and also played Hand & Foot…it was pretty my table, Windy & I won one game and Shane & Terry won one game.

We are enjoying being here in Amarillo with Chris & Dusty…seems we usually on get to see them about once a year and it is for a long weekend so this has been really nice.

We are also having a great time with Mike and Leslie. I made Lasagna one night and had them over. After dinner we learned to play 10 Penny. I took 2nd behind Leslie but thought that was pretty good for my first game…Mac and Mike didn’t fair to well…lol

I have been trying to get things taken care of to prepare for my surgery. On Monday I went to the Surgery Center to do my Pre-Admission, bloodwork and an EKG. Now I am ready for Thursday.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the 30th, I look out the window and see a Motor Home that I recognize pulling in to the RV Park…Mac runs up to the office to check it out and low & behold…it is Rod & Loyce Ivers from Kansas City. I had read in their blog that they were coming through and staying the night in Amarillo so I sent them a message on where we were staying. Well they never got the message and they came here anyhow…we had a nice visit with them and then let them get all set up.

Later in the day we took Mike & Leslie to “Buns Over Texas” for dinner. Mike & I had Cheeseburgers while Mac & Leslie had the Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich.


…and then we made a stop at one of my favorite stores…Kohls for a little Retail Therapy, as JB calls it.

This morning Mac & I were going to head out in search of a cane for me to help me get around for a few days….well, Rod & Loyce gave me one to use. Thanks so much you guys!! We will return it to you when we see you in AZ this winter. They will be staying in Mesa.

We visited with them for a little while and then they were off…headed to Albuquerqe..

Rod getting things put up for travel…



Tonight, Leslie is making a Mexican Casserole for us for dinner. I am contributing Brownies…

Tomorrow is my surgery day so it may be a while before I post again…



Jenny Johnson said...

When you "ketchup" you really "catch up"--how did I miss you were going to have surgery? Thoughts and prayers wil be with you for a speedy recovery. Enjoyed your photos - please say hi to Mike and Leslie -- Tell Mac to keep us apprised as to your medical situation.

JB said...

Good luck tomorrow, and here's hoping you'll be hopping soon!

Jim and Dee said...

We'll be thinking you tomorrow. We wish you a speedy recovery. Hugs from us both.

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

We really enjoyed our short time with you folks, and were really surprised when Mac came walking into the office as we registered.
I wish we could have stayed longer, but with your surgery date the following morning, we would have been in the way anyway. Mike and Leslie will take good care of you I'm sure!
So best wishes for a successful repair tomorrow, and well see you guys in Arizona later this season
Rod and Loyce

Richard said...

Good luck with your surgery today.
We will be thinking of you.
See u soon.dilize