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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Knee Surgery and time in Amarillo

The month of December has been going by very quickly…..

Chris & I spent a little time shopping for some Christmas decorations for our little tree. I got it decorated before I went to have my surgery.





I had knee surgery on December 2nd in Amarillo. I had a torn Meniscus and quite a bit of fraying. When the surgeon got inside he saw that it was a lot worse than he originally thought so there was a little more repair work required. I came out of recovery and was back at the RV by about 12:30 in the recliner with my leg up with 3 ice bags on it…

Mike & Leslie Kennedy have been here in Amarillo spending time with us. They decided to stay put and leave the day after my surgery. It was so nice to spend time with our new friends!! Hopefully we will see them again real soon!



and they were gone….

I spent several days with my leg up and iced….I then started Physical Therapy so I could get the strength back in my knee…My therapist must of hated me…lol…she almost killed me!

Chris & Dusty gave me a new Kindle 3G e-reader for Christmas and gave it to me early so I would be able to use it during my recovery….Thanks so much!! I Love it! They also gave Mac a D-Light and a Gift Card to Cracker Barrel…we will sure use those too…Thanks!!

We  had dinner one evening with Chris & Dusty, Terry & Carol, and Shane, Windy, & Brayden. We had a great time sharing a meal and enjoying lots of great conversation.

While we were In Amarillo during my recovery we got to spend a lot of time visiting with Chris & Dusty. It was really nice since we have never been able to spend much more than a long weekend with them. We have had several meals together…some dining in and a few dinners dining out. Plus, lots of time just sitting around visiting.

We decided that we would leave Amarillo on Thursday instead of Friday as the weatherman was predicting SNOW for Friday….we sure didn’t want to get stuck in that…lol

On our last day in Amarillo we met Chris for lunch at Cheddars. The food was good but the company was wonderful!. That evening we went over to their house and visited for awhile and then headed out to Cowboy Gelato for one of their famous Stuffed Hamburgers.



We followed that up with a trip to Stone Cold Creamery…yummy! Mac & Chris were acting up a bit while having Ice Cream…



After spending some more time at their home visiting we went back to the RV to get it ready for travel….It was hard saying our goodbye’s to the kids…seems like we haven’t been here as long as the calendar shows we have…sigh…

On Thursday morning we left the RV Oasis RV Park about 11:00am and headed south to Midland, TX. The drive was un-eventful and the weather was cloudy most of the trip.

We passed a lot of cotton fields and Cotton Gins. There were a lot of bales sitting out in fields and some were being picked as we went by…



We pulled in to the Midland RV Park about 4:30pm and got all set up. We will be staying here through the weekend so that we can visit a good friend, Ronn Darnell,for the weekend. He is working in Midland right now so it is great that we will be able to catch up with him for a few days.

He has taken us around and showed us the town. Thursday night we went to Rosa’s Cafe and had Mexican food. We decided on Friday to eat lunch out…We went to the …


and it was really good!! Of course we all ate too much!

Ronn had to run back to NM on Friday evening and didn’t return until Saturday night. Him and Mac have been playing Cribbage…they haven’t played together for years.


Sunday we made a trip to Best Buy….wow…there are way too many people out shopping! We didn’t stay long. Afterwards, we went to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner. The food was terrible, but the company and conversation was wonderful!

We are slowly making our way to Yuma, AZ for our winter….

On Monday, Dec.20th, we will move on to Las Cruces, NM for an overnight stay. Mac is going to try to catch up with Ronn’s uncle Harlan and visit for a little while.


Stay tuned!!


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nwlambear said...

finally have caught up I guess.. I one point I read something about physical therapy, but didn't now you had knee surgery. OUCH therapy is NOT fun. Did they just cleanup and repair your knee or did you get a knee replacement? Hope its feeling better now. Have a great winter in AZ