Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back to work least one of us.

This is the last day of the Christmas vacation and I will be back at work tomorrow. Even with my bad luck on Christmas day and problems with my foot, this vacation sure seems like it went by fast.

I will be going in to work on Monday, and leaving at 2:15 to go to the Doctor. I will go back to the office after that until 5pm.  Tuesday is usually my day off but  I am working until 2:00 and then have a dentist appointment that will last at least 2 hours. Trying to get all these in before the end of the year. Then we will be off on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for the New Years holiday...seems like we have been off more than working the last couple of weeks.

Work has been slow the last couple of months, but we still received a Christmas bonus. I was very surprised since I knew things had been slow. I know that our boss appreciates everything that we do, so was very thankful for the bonus. He is such a nice man and very easy to work for. He told me when I went to work for him that nothing is more important than family. He said "I would not expect anymore from you that I expect from myself..and family is more important than this job". He has been very good to let me and the other lady that works there off when we have doctors appointments or if there are illness in our family. There are very very few employers that even care if you have a family, much less tell you that family is more important. And he even pays us for the time off...Great guy!

Well,we need to get back on track and get started again on doing things in the house. Mac is still limited to lifting so we won't be moving anything but we can still keep sorting and boxing things up.

There has been a lot of thing happen in 2008, and will try to give a brief description of those in the next post.

Bless our home on wheels

That is about all I have for today..

Life is a journey...enjoy it!

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