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Gate Guarding

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Dinner Disaster

I spent most of the day today getting things ready for a late afternoon dinner.

Mac went and picked up our grandson, Jordan so that he could spend the day with us. He is living in Lawrence, Ks. Our granddaughter, Natalie will be coming over this afternoon for a while also. Mac is going over to pick my mom up, and Jenni will be bringing my brother, Jerry home from the assisted living facility where he lives in Ottawa, Ks.  She works in the Long Term Care Facility which is next door and in the same complex.

Things were going great, except for the fact that I was spending way too much time on my foot today. I got the desserts made, the rolls raising, and everything ready to make the mashed potatoes and gravy. I had cooked the turkey yesterday, so Mac got it out of the fridge and I put it in the oven to warm a little so that he could slice and take the meat off the bone....everything falling right into place...

About 1:00 I put the stuffing and the broccoli/rice/cheese casserole into the oven to warm up. Everyone's here and lots of talking going on....still on my feet and starting to throb a lot now.

About 2:00 took the stuffing and broccoli casserole out of oven and set it on top of the stove while I finish the gravy and mash the potatoes. Put the hot rolls into the oven...get everything set out so that we can get ready to serve ourselves... everything going great...and then disaster strikes...the glass baking pan that I had made the stuffing in explodes on top of the stove and all over the counter...yea, where all the food is setting out buffet style. Glass is everywhere!! That just does it for me..I am hurting like h*ll and now my whole dinner is ruined...time to cry...

Mom stressed1

Mac steps in and soothes my emotions saying that the turkey is covered and that the desserts are ok. The mashed potatoes and broccoli just need to have the top layers scooped off just to be safe. Of course by now I am devastated, my mom & family are here for dinner and I'm afraid to feed most of it to them. One turkey can't be served because we can't tell if any glass got into the pan(it was a clear glass pan that exploded).

Anyhow, we salvaged enough to serve dinner but by then I couldn't eat. I was short tempered and snapped at my daughter because she wasn't helping me get things done..and I am still on my feet...hurting and really throbbing now..pain pill time. I suppose I owe her an apology tomorrow.

We exchanged gifts and I guess everyone liked what we gave them. Mom gave us a gift card and we will use it for stuff for the new 5er.

Mac took mom home and then came back to take Jordan to Lawrence. He had to be home by 7pm. Jerry rode with him and Mac will drop him off at Village West in Ottawa on his way back through coming home.

I took a pain pill and plopped my butt in the recliner to crash after today's disaster...I will NOT be cooking Christmas dinner next year!

Christie called and wished us a Merry Christmas. We chatted for a while and I told her what happened. Just talking to her calmed me down some.

Hopefully all our family and friends' Christmas Day went much better than ours...We are still so blessed with a great family and wonderful friends.

Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year!



Sandra said...

That was always the way I felt on Christmas Day. By the time I had gotten everything ready and the guests had arrived, I was just too tired to care!

You did entirely too much. It would have been easier to go out to eat!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Oh, Netters, how terrible for you. All that time on your bad foot, and then that happens. I am so sorry that it was such a stressful holiday for you.

You had the best of it, though, you were surrounded by your family and loved ones, and that is what really counts. Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Leno said...

I had tears in my eyes just thinking of what you went thru. How terrible. But Penny is right on, family being together is what it is all about. It will give you something to talk about for years.
All that work though. Believe me I feel for you.
STAY OFF YOUR FEET.. You definately did too much.
Merry Christmas

Jim and Dee said...

I feel so bad for you. I agree with the others you were with family. Now, take it easy and stay off the foot. It will be a couple more days for it to get back to normal.

JB said...

My theory on life is you are just here to collect some stories. In my experience no one wants to hear about the things that went off as planned. In the future when you are talking about Christmas's that stand out I'm betting this will be one of the ones you tell stories about. After the intial shock wears off the humour of the situation usually comes through. Sounds like otherwise you had a pretty good day with family around.

Merry Christmas
John and Brenda

Gypsy said...

Netters, I felt so bad for you when I read what happened. JB is right, though - some day you can laugh and make a good story to tell about this event.

Hope your foot heals fast and that you can stay off of it enough until it does.