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Gate Guarding

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sleep Study

We had our sleep study last night and I don't want to do that again!! We were hooked up to about 50 wires that monitered everything like breathing, eye movement, leg movement and much much more. We checked in about 8pm and it took 45 minutes to hook me up and 45 minutes to hook Mac up..I got to bed about 10:30, and they took him to his room and he got to bed about 11:30. I didn't sleep well. I spent most of the night laying there looking at the ceiling so they probably didn't get a lot of info on me. They did say that my oxygen levels did drop down from 98 to 66 a few times when I was asleep. That doesn't sound too good.

Mac on the other hand didn't sleep well, but he did have some sleep apnea episodes. They said that he did quit breathing 35-40 per hour so they hooked him up to a C-Pap machine about 2:30am and he messed with it for a long time and finally fell back asleep about 5:30am and was up again at 6:30 to take all the sensors off.

They took mine off about 7:00am and we were out of there and on our way home about 7:30.

We got home and brought our stuff inside, read our email and blogs.
Went to mom's and got her grocery list and went and got her groceries.
Now we have been looking at checklists and trying to decide what to use and make one up for ourselves in excel.

We almost have the TT cleaned out. Only a few boxes left to carry out and then clean out the basement...that could be fun.

The people we talked to on the phone did not call to come and see the TT so hopefully someone else will see the ad on Craig's List and call. We have it priced to sell.

Well we need to finish the TT so I'm outta here...

Life isn't measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away...


Leno said...

Kevin has been thru that sleep study 2 times and has the machine but doesnt use it. Shame on him because he also stops breathing many times during the night. I am always after him for it.
Hope the trailer sells for you. Will keep the fingers and toes crossed.

Mark and Dortha said...

Mark has done the sleep test and has a c-pap and uses it. He sleeps sooooo much better and so do I. LOL

Good luck with the TT, it will sell soon I know.

Dortha and Mark

Joe and Sherri said...

I stop breathing during the night many time but only when I am thinking about having to go back to work. I will do the sleep test once I retire and get on the road. I will have to be tested all times during the day then cause I will have time to nap a lot.

Joe and Sherri

Jim and Dee said...

Jim had the test and now has the c-pap. We're both sleeping better. We found out without the machine a blood clot can occur and then death, that convinced him to always use it.