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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mac's too Busy to do Today's Blog...

I have tried to get Mac to do one day's blog...he seems to always have an excuse. I'm too busy or some such excuse. Here is a photo of his favorite past time...


Well, it has not been a very active week. Mac went to the doctor on Tuesday for a surgery follow-up. Dr Anderson says that he is doing fine and to keep doing what he has been. I worked Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I have been looking for pillows for the sofa for the new 5er and have not found anything that matches the fabric samples we were given. So, I purchased some fabric to make Maybe that will happen. I need a new sewing machine as the one I have need work done to it and the tension does not work correctly. If I ever get them made, I will post some photos.

I also worked on some more vinyl lettering projects that I wanted to get done. I made a sign for us to hang from the front of the Augusta and now I have finished the smaller ones that will hang from it. I have 2 small signs but can put lettering on both sides. So far I have only put lettering on one side of them. Here are the photos...


Mac just has to drill some holes in them and put some "S" hooks in them. These are about 6" x 24" and the big one that I posted on the last blog is 12" x 24". 

McHenrys Plexiglass

Should be easy for people to read from the road.

Mac has been making a list of things he needs to buy. He has been prioritizing it by what we need first. Now, me, I have a list of things that I want to buy...but I want it all

We sold our Chevy Silverado  1/2 ton yesterday. That is one thing off our list of to-do's. Now if we can just get rid of the TT, Boat and get the other things sold or boxed up for storage.

I have been fighting this upper respiratory infection and have been really worn out. I have not felt like doing much so haven't gotten much accomplished. I need to get at it again or we will not get this house on the market.

Well that is all for this week.

Life may not be all we imagined, but while we are here, we should Dance...


Bob and Molly said...

Mac will make a perfect fulltime RV'er!! LOL!!
Looks alot like Bob some days!
Molly & Bob

Mark and Dortha said...

Mac is doing just fine it appears!

I love your signs.


Joe and Sherri said...

Hey great looking sign! I see Mac is hard at it...well the doctor did tell him to keep doing what he has been doing...appears that he is following the doctors orders..