Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fredericksburg and Campfire


Fredricksburg Old Farts

A Photo tells a million

We were off to Fredericksburg to do a little sight seeing, shopping, and lunch at a German Restaurant. Kevin and Arlene rode over with us. We stopped at the Fredericksburg Bakery. Yummy! I bought a German Pretzel. Not what you would is made with some kind of pastry dough with cinnamon, sugar, and white glaze on it. It was wonderful! Next we were off to visit some of the shops. We stopped at an old 5 & Dime Store...boy did this bring back memories of years gone by. they had everything from clothing to little knick knacks. I bought a couple of very small ladles and some orange peelers. Mac bought a special gift for someone...can't tell.

We then went to Rustlin' Bob's for some fudge and jams. They have this store set up so that you can sample anything that they have in the store before you buy anything. I bought some Sugar Free Pecan Honey Butter and some Cherry Butter for my mom and I to share. It was wonderful and didn't taste like sugar-free foods. I also bought some Hot Pepper Raspberry Chipotle Sauce for a dip at today's Happy Hour.

After some shopping we all met for lunch at Altdolf Restaurant. The food was wonderful. I just had a Club Sandwich since I had had German food just a few days earlier, but the others had wonderful German cuisine. Here are a few photos of what they had:

Mac had an Opa Sausage Sandwich.

Gregg Opa Sandwich

Arlene had Veiner Schnitzel.

Arlenes Viener Schneizel1

Kathy had Jaegar Schnitzel.

Kathys Jaeguar Schnitzel

We had a great time dining and visiting.






Fredricksburg group1

Used Beer

We had to visit this department when we were finished with

After lunch we went to the Opa Sausage Store. We bought a package of Country Sausage. Several bought different kinds and we are discussing having a Sausage Potluck one night... I forgot to take my camera in to the store so no photos of it.

We left there and Gregg, myself, Kevin, Arlene, Keith and Donna all went out to the Circle E Candle factory and store. Oh man did they have everything! I was good and only purchased a few small candles that I can use in my warmers.

Circle E Candle Factory1

Circle E Candle Factory

After the day at Fredericksburg we all gathered at Kevin and Arlene's for a campfire and light snacks instead of having supper. Kathy brought over two campfire pie makers and others brought popcorn, nuts, and makings for So'mores. We cooked marshmallow's and made some fire pies. It was a great end to a great day!








Mac and Arlene cooking marshmellows1

Making fire pies

Jim taking a photo of me taking a photo of them

Today we were going to New Braunfels and San Antonio to the River Walk but when we woke up I was having some allergy problems and decided to put it off until another day. It was a good thing too. I called Ellie to let her know we wouldn't be going, since I was going to look for a campfire pit for them.

Mac found a water leak under the Rv so it was a good thing we stayed put took him quite a while to find it. The water tubing going to the refrigerator had a leak and was squirting water all over. He shut off the water to the fridge until we can get home and get the RV to the dealer...

Stay tuned for what happens on Thursday!!!

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