Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wednesday March 5th Happy Hour at the Green's

Mac with his new hat

Kids, this photo is for ya'll. This is what happens when dad hangs out with the guys. Here's his new 'do...

We kinda had a down day on Wednesday since we had planned to go to San Antonio but I woke up with allergy problems. We just stayed around the RV and then needed to make a run to WalMart for a few things for Happy Hour.

We barely made it home and got my appetizer made and cooler packed and it was time to go to the Green's Motorhome for Happy Hour. Here is photo of the hosts. They have a very nice Foretravel Motorhome.

Keith and Donna

Here are a few photos of the evening:

Dortha and Mark







Ellie Jim and Sandra

Kevin Mac and Chuck

Happy Hour at Donnas3

And here are some new arrivals:

Sandra and Gordon. Also Jesse and Ginger arrived today, but I accidentally deleted the photo. I will get another tonight...

Sandra and Gordon

We stayed a visited and laughed until very late. Had a great time. We will be meeting for a Egg in a Bag breakfast on Friday morning at 9am...and a Baked Potato supper back at the Green's..

Joe and Sherri will be here this afternoon from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and we are really anxious to see them again! He has been like a kid wanting to get here for the action!! Hurry up Speedy and Sherri and get here!

Stay tuned for more adventures of our gathering in Kerrville...

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