Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kerrville, Texas in the new 5er

Augusta hooked up to truck

We made it to Buckhorn Lake Resort in Kerrville, Texas Saturday about 8:15pm. We were going to stop part way and spend the night, but never really saw anywhere to stay or a WalMart to stay in the parking lot. So we just kept on driving. It really made for a long day. We stayed in Waynoka, Ok on friday night at Deuces Wild Campground and left there about 10:30 am. 550 miles in one day! Whew...I was tired and I didn't even do any of the

My sister and I did a little shopping on Friday afternoon and her and her husband took us to an authentic German Restaurant for dinner. Now, that was an experience. We were not really sure what we ordered but it was really good! lol  We had a great, but short visit. Hopefully we can visit them again for longer next time.

Keith and Donna Green got here before us..about 5 pm.

Today, Dortha & Mark, Ellie & Jim, Donnie & Karen, Deb & Rod, Arlene & Kevin, Chuck & Kathy, Donna & Nolan, and Bob & Molly all came in pretty close to the same time.

We had a great time meeting everyone and visiting. It seemed like we had known all of them forever instead of just meeting them in person today...Then about 12 of us went out to dinner at Mamacita's Mexican Restaurant. We had so much fun and were stuffed when we left.

I have no photos of any of this to post as I forgot to take my camera, but will try to take it with me tomorrow.

We are going to have a get together for Texas Independence Day having a dinner with beans and cornbread, taco salad, stuffed grilled jalapeno's, and desserts. Yummy.

Now, I have had requests for some photos of our new 5er. I only have a few, but will take some more soon of the inside.

augusta at dealer

Augusta backyard 


Augusta Kitchen

Augusta PDI

I will take some more tomorrow of the inside now that we have our stuff in it and decorated.

Got in to chat for awhile to visit with everyone..was pretty funny visiting with the ones that are parked right across & down the  Also with Dee, Jenny, Penny, Sandra and Phyllis that are not here. Penny and Sandra will be here in a few days. Can't wait to meet them too! Joe and Sherri and Rollie & Gina will not be here until next week. Total of couples to be here are what a good time we will have!

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Dusty & Christie said...

Hey Mom & Dad...sound like y'all are having a blast in Kerrville! Keep up the blog so we can know what y'all are doing. We love you! Have a great time with your friends and the adventure!