Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

I have slacked off so here is the post for Saturday and Sunday's activities.

Saturday started off with doing some laundry. I do love having that washer and dryer in the RV so I can do a couple of loads at a time. After starting a load we just kind of kicked back and took it easy for a while. I put a roast with potatoes and carrots in the crock pot for the Potluck Dinner.

I have been having some problems with my ankle still swelling from that nice fall I took a couple of weeks ago so we took off to find the CVS Pharmacy to try and find a wrap for it. We got that and headed back to the RV and barely made it back in time to grab the food and our dishes and take off to the dinner.

We had a couple of new arrivals that came in:

JB and Brenda

JB and Brenda

Rollie and Gina

Rollie and Gina


and Fred and Jo that came over from a campground in Fredericksburg.

Here are a few photos of the dinner:













It was a great dinner with way too much food to eat.

A couple from our group left Sunday morning. Keith and Donna Green left really early.

We will miss them and cannot wait to see them again in the future.

Sunday started off with a visit with Joe and Sherri. Sherri, Becky, Gina and I were off in search of a pair of flipflops for Sherri. We went to the mall and were forced to do some Gina bought a top, Becky bought a new outfit, perfume, and shoes(boy did she look really nice in her new outfit!!), Sherri bought a rug (no shoes) and I bought a purse and some perfume.

We left the mall and headed to HEB grocery to pick up a few things. They were going to Happy Hour tonight and Gregg and I had invited Deb, Rod, Arlene and Kevin over for a cookout.

Steak night

Steak night2


Steak night4


My wine glass above...(wine in the water bottle since I don't have a wineglass)  lol

After dinner we were off to Rollie and Gina's for a campfire, visiting  and S' mores.






Speed and Sherri2

Monday morning Jim & Ellie will be leaving us on their way to Red Bay Alabama to have some work done on their Motorhome. We will miss them, but are looking forward to seeing them the first part of next year.

Tomorrow evening is Happy Hour and Appetizers at our Rv. I will try to take lots of photos.

This has been such a wonderful week and we will be starting our last week here tomorrow. I know we need to go back home and get back in to our regular routine, but I sure will miss being here and all the friends we have that are here.

Stay tuned....

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