Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday in Kerrville

Today some of the guys went golfing. Mac, Kevin and Chuck.

Several went to climb Enchanted Rock. Arlene, Kathy and I went sight seeing. We thought we were going to a nice little unique set of shops in Ingram called the Olde Ingram Loop. Well there were only a few shops and most of them were closed. So we went in search of a light lunch and cheesecake..yumm. We ended up back at Mamacito's. Today I did have my camera and took a few photos.


Outside of Mamacito's

Kathy and Arlene at Mamacitos

Kathy and Arlene

Mamacitos 1

Inside Mamacito's

Tortilla Maker at Mamacitos

Making tortillas

Tortilla Maker at Mamacitos2

more Tortillas

Sign inside Mamacitos

Huge sign inside door at Mamacito's like 4' x 4' the food there was excellent once again!

Then we stopped by Sally's for a few supplies and on to Game Stop for Kathy and I to get our Wii Fit. Now I have to start using it.

We got back to the RV Resort and we went our separate ways. Mac showed up from golfing a few minutes later and we were off to find a Post Office to mail our papers in to tag the RV.

When we got back it was time to get ready for the dinner that the RV Resort was putting one. There was also entertainment for the evening.

Here are some photos from the dinner.

Dinner at Resort2

Dinner group

Deb and Rod

Deb and Rod

Chuck and Kathy

Chuck and Kathy

ellie and Jim1

Ellie and Jim

Karen and Donnie

Karen and Donnie

Keith and Donna

Keith and Donna

Kevin and Arlene1

Kevin and Arlene

Mark and Dortha

Mark and Dortha

Molly and Bob

Molly and Bob

We had live entertainment for this evening also. Her name was Sarah Getto. Here is a small bio for Sarah. She is an incredible person.

Sarah Michelle Getto was born blind and with a severe cleft palate. She graduated “summa cum laude” in 2007 from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a degree in music education.
Sarah’s dream is to teach music at the elementary level. She’s also interested in becoming a Music Therapist. Sarah was inspired by music educators her entire life, and wants to pass on some of that inspiration to her students one day. Sarah began teaching herself to play the piano at age 3 and the violin at 10. She also plays the guitar, bass and the autoharp. She started composing music in her early teens. Sarah writes music in many styles including Country, Pop, Adult Contemporary, Classical and Christian.. She also enjoys composing Instrumental Sound Tracks. She does most of her recording in her own studio.

Here are a couple of photos of Sarah performing tonight. You can read more on Sarah at




Stay tuned for more fun...

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