Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Hour and Appetizers at the McHenry's

 McHenrys happy hour7

This morning started out cool and cloudy. It misted for awhile and I was hoping that it would clear off since today was our day to host the Happy Hour with appetizers.

Mac and I took off and made a run to WalMart and Game Stop. A friend of mine, LeAnn was wanting me to pick up a Wii fit for her since I bought mine here in Kerrville at Game Stop...but they were sold out. The clerk said that they might have some more in on Friday so I will check there again before we leave Saturday morning to head back toward Kansas.

Next we went to WalMart for more Jalapeno's to make poppers for the Happy Hour. While we were there, we saw, Joe, Sherri, Rollie, Gina, Arlene, Kevin, and JB all shopping We got our stuff and headed back to the RV. I have been looking at these 2 dead trees for a week now and every time I see them I think of Howard and how he always seems to take photos of a dead tree everywhere they these photos are for you, Howard.

Dead Tree2

another Dead tree

We got back to the RV and I started cleaning the jalapeno's while Mac decided to try to figure out why we couldn't get the satellite to work. He got out the manual and read in it and pulled the receiver out and checked it out and decided that we needed a couple of cables that were not off to Radio Shack we went...

When we got back the power to the RV Park went off and was off about 2 hours. That sure put a kink in my cooking for the Happy Hour! Mac finally tried to start the generator and it wouldn't stay running. They worked on that for about 1/2 hour and finally got it running and about 20 minutes later the power came back on. Whew! We got the poppers cooked and the cobbler baked. Everyone brought their appetizers and we had way too much food. But man was it good! 7 Layer Dip, Ribs, Meatballs, Shrimp, Crab dip, Sloppy Joe sliders, Cheese Dip, and much more. Gina made 2 Fresh Strawberry Pies also...they were to die for! Here are a few photos from the evening.

Mchenrys happy hour

McHenrys happy hour2

McHenrys happy hour3

McHenrys happy hour5

McHenrys happy hour6

McHenrys Happy hour9

McHenrys happy hour10

McHenrys happy hour11

McHenrys happy hour12

strawberry pie

And our new arrivals on Sunday were Don and Cheryl, below

McHenrys happy hour8

And some folks on their Cooler Scooters. They were having a great time and we had to take a photo of them.

Cooler Scooters1

cooler scooters

Tomorrow, Mac, Chuck, Kevin, and Donnie are off to play golf. Not sure what the girls will do. Wednesday we are going to go stay tuned to the Adventures in Kerrville!!

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LakeConroePenny,TX said...

All that great food! I bet all of you have put on weight? Now will there be an RV-Dreamer's Gathering Diet?
Happy Trails, Penny, TX