Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 13th--Last Day in Kerrville

We woke up this morning and it hit us...this is our last day in Kerrville. Oh no, vacation is almost over. What a bummer.

We had ordered a stone yesterday from "Uptown" Luckenbach, TX (I was informed that I had spelled it wrong in my last post...oops) and we needed to go over a pick it up. Gregg and I started off and saw Kevin outside his Rv and he decided to ride over with us. We picked up the stone and found a couple of other things. Monroe was nice enough to personalize them for us. He made me another fast armadillo..on a Bud Light are a couple photos of the stone:

Welcome Stone blog

Welcome Stone blog2

Welcome Stone blog3

Welcome Stone blog4

and the bottle he made for me:




bottle not blog

Here is the "Uptown" Shop

Uptown Shop

Uptown shop3

And here is the artist "Monroe"

The Uptown Shop in Lukenbach

After that task was done, we headed back towards Kerrville stopping at HEB in Fredericksburg to pick up the things to make homemade biscuits for the "Breakfast for Supper" night for dinner this evening. We made it back to the RV and I got busy making biscuits and Mac went for ice and fuel.

We went over to the Gathering Room for our last dinner together. Boy, was I getting sad. I really hate to leave all these new friends. I have chatted with them for so long that I felt like I already knew them, so saying goodbye was gonna be hard. Here are a few photos from the dinner:

Breakfast supper5

Breakfast supper7

Breakfast supper8

Breakfast supper10

Breakfast supper11

Breakfast supper12

Lynette and Arlene

Lynette and Deb2

And here is a group photo of all of us that were still here for the gathering. Quite a large group, huh.

Group Photo

That is it for our last day at Buckhorn Lake Resort in Kerrville, TX.

I will update everyone on our journey toward home when I get back to our house since I won't have any internet service until then...need to buy an air card.

"The time spent with friends is the most rewarding time in our lives."

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