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Gate Guarding

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12th-Mr Gatti's and Bandara and Lukenbach TX

Today started out really cold. It was only in the low 40's here in Kerrville. It was gloomy and misty. Kevin and Arlene stopped by to see if we wanted to take a road trip to Bandera, TX. It is called the Cowboy Capital of the World so we decided that we should really see this place. So about 10:30 we took off. Bandera is a pretty small community with many old fashioned shops. We stopped and had lunch at the OST(Old Spanish Trail) Diner. The food was fabulous!! Arlene and I ordered Chicken Fried Steak and Mac and Kevin had buffet. The steaks were hand breaded and huge! The Pork Chops on the buffet looked really good also. Here are a few photos from the diner.


OST Old Spanish Trail Menu

Bar with saddles

Arlene and Kevin in Bandera

macs food

Netters food

We left the diner and headed off to the General Store to see what they had to offer...

General Store Bandera

Country Store inside

General Store inside Bandera

After we finished browsing in Bandera we decided to stop at Lukenbach, TX on our way back to Kerrville. This was a Hoot!! I actually thought there was a real town called Lukenbach. I guess there used to be but now just the General Store/Post Office is all that is there and the population is 3.  Yes, 3. The Post Office quit operating in 1971. Here are photos from Lukenbach.

Lukenbach Tx and Mac2

Lukenbach Netters Mac Arlene and kevin

Lukenbach with Mac and Netters

Lukenbach inside store

When we left there we were in search of a shop called "The Uptown Shop". It is just a small building on the side of the road where a man sells pieces of stone like granite and others that he engraves images on. He is a good artist and also will draw you the fastest Armadillo on a beer bottle and personalize and date it for you. I didn't take a photo of my bottle but will tomorrow and post it on the blog. We also ordered a stone to be made for us that has an engraving of our truck and 5th wheel and says "Welcome to Our Rig" Can't wait to pick it up tomorrow.

We finished up the evening with a trip to Mr Gatti's for Pizza and Pasta and then went to the Social Room for Talk, Games, and some of us girls computering

Mr Gattis1 ..

Mr Gattis2

Mr Gattis3

Mr Gattis5

And here are our newest arrivals to Buckhorn Lake Resort:

Rod and Loyce...It was great to finally meet you.

Rod and Loyce

Stay tuned for our adventures of our last day in Kerrville... :-(

We have met and enjoyed so many friends these last 2 weeks and will miss them terribly when we leave.


Bob and Molly said...

Netters, that Chicken Fried Steak looks YUMMY...but I don't think I'll ever be hungry again! LOL
Miss you guys!

Rod & Loyce Ivers said...

I enjoyed meeting you last night, and i have swiped your picture of us to use on the blog as an avatar. I can never get Loyce to pose if she knows it will get used on the internet. So you nabbed it for me!