Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 6th-Eggs in a Bag Breakfast & Baked Potato Supper


We started out our day with an Egg in a Bag Breakfast hosted by Bob &Molly.If any of you don't know what this put 2 eggs in a quart sized freezer bag and squeeze it to make it for an omelet. Then you start adding ingredients to it. Mix it all up and then drop bags in a pot of boiling water. It will cook and then when you take it out of the bag it will roll out like an omelet...yummy.

We had lots of different ingredients plus a potato casserole, breads, English muffins, grapefruit, salsa, and bagels. It was a great start to the day.












Chuck finally got his

Then we ran to HEB grocery with Rod and Deb for a couple of things needed for the baked potato supper. I took my Cherry Cobbler dessert made with sugar-free pie filling and low sugar cake mix for the topping. It went over over well and only brought about 1/2 serving home. There were all kinds of toppings there...broccoli and cheese, chili, taco meat, ham, turkey, cheeses, lettuce, tomato's, sour cream, mushroom sauce...and many more. Deb made Caesar Salad, and Ellie & Dortha made Caramel & apple Salad, Karen made a Pineapple Coconut Cake, and Arlene brought Brownies. We had way too much

Joe & Sherri and Rodney & Becky arrived about 4:15...just in time for supper...If you all remember Mac & I met Joe & Sherri in Ottawa a few months ago. We had a great, but very short visit and were anxious to see them again!

The girls table

The girls

Speed Dortha and Sherri

Karen, Joe(Speedy), Dortha and Sherri

Rodney and Becky

Rodney & Becky that arrived with Joe & Sherri on Friday. Rodney is Sherri's brother.

Joe and Jesse

Glenn and Sylvia

Ginger and Jesse1

Here is Jesse and Ginger that arrived on Thursday.

Chuck Speed Mac and Deb

We had a great evening and went back to the RV about 9:30. We got on the computer and chatted with some of our friends that didn't get to come to the gathering.


Saturday is a day for laundry and cleaning up the RV and then we have a Potluck scheduled for supper.

We will have more new arrivals today:

JB and Brenda, Don & Cheryl, and Rollie & Gina. They should all arrive this afternoon or early evening. Can't wait to meet them in person!

This has been such a great week and we are looking forward to this next week before we have to go back home to work and schedules...uugghh.

Stay tuned for more adventures of the "Gathering in Kerrville"

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