Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 14th & 15th The Trip Home

We woke up to very cold weather this morning. It is our day to start our journey back to the real world and home to Garnett. I got up and jumped in the shower while Mac started on his stuff outside. I had barely finished when people started coming over to tell us goodbye and wish us a safe trip. Dortha, Mark, Kevin, Arlene, Rollie, Gina, Chuck, and Kathy were all there to wish us a safe trip. Of course Deb and Rod told us goodbye last night as we knew they would not be up early enough to see us  There were lots of hugs and a few teary eyes before we got in the truck and headed out to start home...Oh no, we forgot to tell Joe and Sherri goodbye, so we circled around the park and stopped at their Rv. They are leaving today also. They had decided to stay another day, but when they went to the office they were told that the park was full and didn't have an opening for them. So they were rushing around trying to get things ready to leave. We said our goodbyes and hugs and agreed to meet sometime in June when they come up to Kansas City to visit their son and family. JB and Brenda were at Joe and Sherri's and we got to tell them goodbye also. As we were leaving their RV we met Ginger outside and told her goodbye.

Now we were ready to head out...not really, but we had

We had a long day of driving ahead of us for the day. We wanted to get as far as Oklahoma City before we stopped. Well, we didn't make it that far. We stopped in Ada, Ok and spent the night at WalMart parking lot. We had traveled about 460 miles today. Whew..I will be glad when we can take as many days as we want to travel from one place to the next. I don't like to sit in that truck so many hours at a time.

We will leave here on Sunday morning and start the final leg of our journey home. It will take us about 6-7 hours to get home tomorrow. I will upload this post when I have internet sevice again.

Sunday morning we woke up to lots of fog. We took off from Ada, OK headed north at about 8:15am. The trip was uneventful except trying to find somewhere to eat lunch. We ended up driving all the way home without having breakfast, lunch or dinner. We got home about 4:30 and started setting up the RV on the slab so that we can start unloading the things that need to go inside the house.

Our daughter Dana,

Dana 2008 v2

and our granddaughters, Britny 

Brit with guitar

and Crystal,


and great granddaughter, Jaelynn

Jaelynn with grandpas cake

had arrived at our house on Saturday evening. Britny was playing in the State Basketball Tournament and her team won first place. Congratulations Brit on winning State!!! She is an awesome athlete. They will be at our house until Wednesday morning when they have to go back home.

Safe travels to all....


JB said...

Good to see you made it safe and sound. It was great actually meeting you folks and we truly enjoyed this week, especially the jalapeno poppers

Chuck & Kathy said...

Glad you made it safe and sound. Great meeting you both, hope we can cross paths again in the future, which I'm sure we will.


Mark and Dortha said...

We are glad to know you are home safe. We loved getting to meet you both and look forward to the next get together!


Joe and Sherri said...

Long first day drive! We too look forward to traveling at a different pace.....Miss you, Sherri